Customer Service bingo

Customer Service bingo

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Step into the world of customer service with this lively bingo card template. From awkward handshakes to lost and confused customers, it’s all here. Will you get a bingo?

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Items in this card

  • Customer requesting a discount
  • Awkward handshake
  • Customer trying on multiple sizes/styles
  • Lost and confused customer
  • Overly enthusiastic greeter
  • Customer asking for a manager immediately
  • Customer complaining about the store layout
  • "Do you have this in another color?"
  • Employee struggling to remove security tags
  • Customer with excessive returns
  • In-store fashion show
  • Customer requesting a product demonstration
  • Staff member doing a random act of kindness
  • Customer asking for directions to the restroom
  • Customer asking for recommendations
  • "Can I speak to someone more stylish?"
  • Customer trying to negotiate the price
  • Employee doing a happy dance after a successful sale
  • Customer complaining about the music choice
  • Staff member wearing an unusual name tag
  • Customer requesting a personal shopper
  • "Is this item gluten-free?"
  • Employee dealing with a shoplifter
  • Customer seeking a refund without a receipt
  • Employee organizing a merchandise display

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