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Embark on a hilarious dating adventure with our Dating bingo template! From awkward silences to oversharing, this game captures all the cringe-worthy moments of modern romance. Will you get a full house?

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Items in this card

  • Ghosted after the first date
  • Unsolicited pet photo
  • "Let's keep things casual."
  • Awkward silence during dinner
  • Shares an embarrassing childhood story
  • Mention of an ex within the first 10 minutes
  • "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
  • Texts while talking
  • Too many food restrictions to pick a restaurant
  • Mismatched profile picture vs. real life
  • Shows up late with a weird excuse
  • "I'm really into astrology."
  • "Sorry, I'm not great at texting."
  • Immediate friend request on social media
  • Brings up controversial topic on date #1
  • Awkward attempt at a goodnight kiss
  • The check dance (Who's paying?)
  • Brags about travel but it's just a trip to Vegas
  • Talks more about their job than anything else
  • Walks you to your door but lingers too long
  • Unending stories about their pet
  • Drops a "We should do this again!" but doesn't follow up
  • Wears too much cologne or perfume
  • Overly rehearsed date story
  • Immediate oversharing of personal drama
  • "I'm an open book."
  • Orders the spiciest dish and regrets it
  • Stalks you on social media before the date
  • Mismatched activity (like hiking for a first date)

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