Earth day game bingo

Earth day game bingo

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Embrace Earth Day with a twist! Our Earth Day bingo card is your gateway to not only learning about environmental preservation but also actively participating in it.

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Items in this card

  • Plant a tree or shrub
  • Organize a community clean-up
  • Visit a local farm or botanical garden
  • Ride a bike or walk instead of driving
  • Donate to an environmental charity
  • Attend a workshop on sustainable living
  • Use a reusable water bottle and coffee cup
  • Switch off lights for one hour
  • Start a compost bin
  • Make an upcycled craft from old materials
  • Watch a documentary about nature conservation
  • Conduct a home energy audit
  • Participate in a local Earth Day event
  • Volunteer for a green organization
  • Share carpool for the day
  • Prepare a vegetarian or vegan meal
  • Read a book about the environment
  • Plant native flowers to support local wildlife
  • Sign a petition for an environmental cause
  • Spend the day unplugged from electronic devices
  • Create a bird feeder from recycled materials
  • Swap out regular light bulbs for energy-efficient LEDs
  • Take part in a beach or river clean-up
  • Collect rainwater for gardening
  • Spread awareness on social media about reducing plastic use

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