Emojis bingo

Emojis bingo

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Get ready for a fun-filled game of bingo with our Emojis template! Perfect for children and adults alike, this picture bingo card features popular emojis that are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Customize and print your own bingo cards toda…


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More about this bingo card

Emoji Bingo is the game where laughter meets learning, and every tap of your finger could mean a win! If you thought emojis were just for spicing up texts, wait until you play this fresh take on a classic game. Get ready to decode, match, and yell "Bingo!"—emoji style.

Smiley Strategies: Different Ways to Get Your Emoji On

yellow inflatable smiling emoji balloon in focus photography

Emoji Story Time 📖

  1. Narrative Cards: Each card features a series of emojis that form a short story or phrase.
  2. Emoji Read-Aloud: A caller narrates an emoji story.
  3. Match & Win: Players match their cards to the story and mark off corresponding emojis.

Guess the Movie 🎬

  1. Cinematic Cards: Your bingo card is filled with emojis representing popular movies.
  2. Iconic Lines: The caller quotes famous lines from movies.
  3. Screen-Worthy Win: Players mark off the emojis that correspond to the movies being quoted.

Foodie Bingo 🍕

Yellow Painted Eggs With Various Facial Expressions
  1. Delicious Squares: Cards are filled with food-related emojis.
  2. Name That Dish: The caller describes a dish, and you mark off the related emoji.
  3. Tasty Victory: First one to match a row shouts, "Bingo!" and maybe wins a snack!

Emoji Charades 🤷‍♀️

  1. Act it Out: The caller uses physical expressions to describe an emoji.
  2. Guess & Mark: Players mark the square with the emoji they think the caller is acting out.

💡 Top Tip

Make the game more educational by using emojis that represent words in another language, encouraging players to learn as they play.

Emoji-fy Your Game with Bingo Card Creator 🌈

  • Personalized Play: Custom backgrounds, varied grid sizes, and of course, emojis—tailor your game to your heart’s delight.
  • From Texts to Teams: Whether you're looking for a fun texting game with a friend or planning a massive virtual hangout, we can accommodate up to 500 emoji enthusiasts.
  • Print or Screen: Whether you want to print cards or go entirely digital, we've got you covered.
Person With Stickers on Her Face

The Final Emoji

Emoji Bingo isn’t just a game—it’s a dialogue between digital culture and traditional fun, bringing together all age groups in a burst of color and expression. Ready to elevate your texting game to the next level? Check out our Emoji Bingo templates and let the emoji-licious fun begin! 🎉🌈

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

We're the Bingo Card Creator Team, bringing you diverse, engaging bingo templates and content.

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