Extinct animals bingo

Extinct animals bingo

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Learn about the fascinating creatures that once roamed the Earth with our Extinct Animals Bingo Card. Customise with images and facts about these incredible creatures. Perfect for biology and history lessons.


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Items in this card

  • Tasmanian Wolf
  • English Wolf
  • Quagga
  • Caspian Tiger
  • Steller's Sea Cow
  • Spectacled Cormorant
  • Dodo
  • Irish Deer
  • Cave Bear
  • Saber Tooth Tiger
  • Cave Lion
  • Wooly Rhinoceros
  • Moeritherium
  • Palaeomastodon
  • Trilophodon
  • Tetrabelodon
  • Dinotherium
  • Long Jawed Mastodon
  • American Mastodon
  • Southern Mammoth
  • Hairy Mammoth
  • Giant Ground Sloth
  • Glyptodon
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Great Auk

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