Famous African Americans with achievements bingo

Famous African Americans with achievements bingo

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Learn about remarkable African American figures and their accomplishments in fields like literature, science, and civil rights using our Famous African Americans with achievements bingo card template.


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  • Benjamin Banneker- Astronomer, clockmaker, publisher
  • Jean Baptiste Pointe du Sable- First resident of Chicago
  • Philis Wheatly- Poet
  • The Reverend Richard Allen- Religious Leader
  • Peter Spencer- Religious Leader
  • Sojourner Truth- Abolitionist
  • Nat Turner- Slave rebellion leader
  • Norbert Rilleaux- Inventor, engineer
  • Martin Delany- Abolitionist
  • Frederick Douglass- Abolitionist, orator, author, statesman, reformer
  • Harriet Tubman- Writer, abolitionist
  • Frances Harper- Poet, novelist, lecturer, activist
  • Harriet Wilson- Novelist
  • William H. Carney- Civil War hElijah McCoy- Inventor
  • George Washington Buckner- Physician and diplomat
  • George Washington Johnson- Pioneer recording artist
  • Booker T. Washington- Political leader, educator, author
  • George Washington Carver- Plant scientist
  • Madame C.J. Walker- First woman millionaire
  • "W.E.B. DuBois- Civil rights activist, sociologist, historian, writer,
  • freemason, scholar."
  • Scott Joplin- Ragtime composer
  • James W. Johnson- Author, civil rights leader
  • Paul L. Dunbar- Poet
  • W.C. Handy- Blues composer

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