Funny parenting advice bingo

Funny parenting advice bingo

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Laugh along with our funny parenting advice bingo! Mark spots as you hear classic and humorous tips that every parent can relate to. Ready to giggle and play?

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  • Remember, diaper backwards spells repaid. Think about it.
  • Always keep a box of wipes within reach. You’ll find they’re useful for more than just diapers.
  • Nap when the baby naps, clean when the baby cleans.
  • Don’t worry about the pacifier. College students rarely use one.
  • The best way to keep the house clean is to live in a hotel.
  • Get used to eating meals with one hand.
  • Two words: Permanent markers. Hide them.
  • Baby proofing the house? Don’t forget the ceiling fans!
  • If the baby doesn’t like the lullaby, try jazz. Maybe you have a little musician.
  • Save all your "no" for their teenage years.
  • Coffee is a new parent's best friend. Invest in a good coffee maker.
  • Socks are the first thing they'll learn to take off. Buy stock in sock companies.
  • Never underestimate the power of a well-timed burp.
  • There's no such thing as a quick trip when you have a baby. Pack like you're being evacuated.
  • The louder you try to be quiet, the more likely you'll wake the baby.
  • Embrace the chaos. One day, you'll miss it (maybe).
  • Every toy that makes noise is educational. It teaches parents patience.
  • If you think the terrible twos are bad, just wait for the threenager stage.
  • A little dirt never hurt anyone. It builds the immune system.
  • Remember, the days are long but the years are short.
  • Who needs an alarm when you have a baby?
  • Learn baby sign language; it could be helpful, or at least it's fun at parties.
  • Remember, everyone gives advice but you know your baby best.
  • Baby laughter is the best house music.
  • Always check the diaper before blaming the dog.
  • Use white noise. It's not just for babies; it helps parents sleep too.

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