Joe Biden bingo

    Get your Joe Biden bingo card ready! From Come on, man! to his signature aviator sunglasses, this template captures all the classic Biden moments. Let's play and see if we get a full house!
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    Words/numbers used in this bingo card

    Our bingo card has 33 items related to joe Biden. Here is the complete list:

    • "Come on, man!"
    • Signature aviator sunglasses
    • Ice cream cone moment
    • Anecdote about his father
    • Mention of Scranton, PA
    • Friendly shoulder touch
    • "Here's the deal..."
    • Story about his early Senate days
    • Reference to the Amtrak train
    • "God love ya."
    • Flashback to Obama-Biden bromance
    • Reference to his wife, Dr. Jill Biden
    • Flub or gaffe, then self-correction
    • Memory of Beau Biden
    • "Look, folks..."
    • Spontaneous jog or run
    • Praises a reporter's question
    • Lifts up a child at an event
    • Bringing up climate change
    • Mention of unity or bipartisanship
    • Affectionate whisper into the mic
    • Challenging someone to a push-up contest
    • Brief moment of losing his train of thought
    • Bringing up the middle class
    • Citing an Irish poem or proverb
    • "Let me be clear..."
    • Shoutout to a union
    • Mention of a world leader by first name
    • Referencing his long tenure in politics
    • Promising to "fight like heck"
    • Joking about his age or hair
    • Sudden serious tone: "This is important, folks..."
    • Evoking American patriotism and values
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    Joe Biden bingo card

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