Library bingo card

    Discover a world of literary adventures with our Library bingo card template. From classic novels to award-winning titles, challenge yourself to explore new genres and authors. Let the reading begin!
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    Library bingo card

    Words/numbers used in this bingo card

    Our bingo card has 35 items related to library. Here is the complete list:

    • Classic novel
    • Book with a blue cover
    • Biography of a historical figure
    • Young adult dystopian tale
    • Non-fiction science book
    • Poetry collection
    • Local author's work
    • Graphic novel
    • Title with a number in it
    • Children's book with talking animals
    • Mystery set in a foreign country
    • Cookbook from a different cuisine
    • Short story collection
    • Fantasy book with dragons
    • Book about space or astronomy
    • Historical romance
    • Travel memoir
    • Book recommended by a librarian
    • Award-winning novel from last year
    • Book with a one-word title
    • Self-help or personal development
    • Horror story not by Stephen King
    • Novel translated from another language
    • Book on art or artists
    • True crime story
    • A play or screenplay
    • Non-fiction on environment or climate change
    • Indigenous or native authors' work
    • Autobiography of a celebrity
    • Book older than 100 years
    • Science fiction not set on Earth
    • Photography book
    • Philosophical work
    • Book turned into a recent movie or TV show
    • Literature from African continent
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