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Library bingo

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Discover a world of literary adventures with our Library bingo card template. From classic novels to award-winning titles, challenge yourself to explore new genres and authors. Let the reading begin!

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Items in this card

  • Classic novel
  • Book with a blue cover
  • Biography of a historical figure
  • Young adult dystopian tale
  • Non-fiction science book
  • Poetry collection
  • Local author's work
  • Graphic novel
  • Title with a number in it
  • Children's book with talking animals
  • Mystery set in a foreign country
  • Cookbook from a different cuisine
  • Short story collection
  • Fantasy book with dragons
  • Book about space or astronomy
  • Historical romance
  • Travel memoir
  • Book recommended by a librarian
  • Award-winning novel from last year
  • Book with a one-word title
  • Self-help or personal development
  • Horror story not by Stephen King
  • Novel translated from another language
  • Book on art or artists
  • True crime story
  • A play or screenplay
  • Non-fiction on environment or climate change
  • Indigenous or native authors' work
  • Autobiography of a celebrity
  • Book older than 100 years
  • Science fiction not set on Earth
  • Photography book
  • Philosophical work
  • Book turned into a recent movie or TV show
  • Literature from African continent

More about this bingo card

Library Bingo is your passport to an enchanting journey through the stacks and stories of your local library. Perfect for bookworms, casual readers, and everyone in between, this game invites players to explore the vast world of literature in a fun and interactive way. From classic novels to vibrant book covers, it's a delightful challenge for those who love to get lost in the pages of a good book. So, grab your library card, and let's embark on a bibliophilic adventure with Library Bingo!

How to play library bingo

assorted-title of books piled in the shelves

Bookish exploration: The library quest

  • Setting the scene: Distribute bingo cards featuring diverse literary categories, like 'Classic Novel,' 'Book with a Blue Cover,' 'Biography of a Historical Figure,' 'Young Adult Dystopian Tale,' 'Non-Fiction Science Book,' and 'Poetry Collection.'
  • Literary hunt: Players roam the library aisles, seeking books that match the descriptions on their bingo cards.
  • Bingo among the books: The first literary explorer to complete a row or pattern calls out "Bingo!" and perhaps shares a fun fact or an intriguing quote from one of their selected books.

Cozy reading challenge: Home library bingo

  • Homely literary adventure: Share library bingo cards for a quiet evening of reading at home.
  • Bookshelf browsing: Discover and discuss books from personal collections that fit the bingo categories.
  • Reading retreat winner: Celebrate the bingo winner with a bookmark, a special reading light, or a choice of the next book for a book club.

Virtual book club: Online literary journey

  • Digital bookshelves: Distribute digital bingo cards for an online book club or library-themed event.
  • Streaming stories: Share and discuss books that fit the bingo categories through video calls or online forums.
  • Cyber library laureate: Congratulate the virtual bingo winner with an e-book gift card or a special mention in the next book club newsletter.
photo of library with turned on lights

Youth program: Young readers' rally

  • Engaging young minds: Use library bingo in youth programs to encourage children and teens to explore different genres.
  • Reading race: Young participants find and read books from the bingo card, sharing their discoveries with the group.
  • Junior librarian award: Offer a small prize, like a new book or a decorative bookmark, to the young bingo champion.

🌟 Top tip

Enhance the library bingo experience by discussing the significance or interesting aspects of each book category. For instance, when someone finds a 'Classic Novel,' talk about its impact on literature or when a 'Non-Fiction Science Book' is picked, highlight a fascinating scientific fact from the book.

brown wooden book shelf with books

Benefits of using Bingo Card Creator

  • Literary variety: Create bingo cards that cover a wide range of book categories, turning the library visit into an exciting literary scavenger hunt.
  • For book lovers of all ages: Whether it's for a community library event, a school program, or a family reading night, our platform accommodates groups large and small.
  • Flexible reading options: Opt for printed cards for physical library visits or digital versions for online book clubs and virtual library events.

Ready to turn the page?

Library Bingo is more than just a game; it's a celebration of literature and a journey through the wonderful world of books. It's an imaginative way to discover new stories, revisit old favorites, and connect with fellow book lovers. So open a book, mark your card, and get ready to shout "Bingo!" in the most literary way possible! 📚🌟📖🎉

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

We're the Bingo Card Creator Team, bringing you diverse, engaging bingo templates and content.

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