Mingle (find someone) bingo

Mingle (find someone) bingo

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Engage in a social scavenger hunt, marking off when you find someone with a specific hobby, skill, or experience, encouraging connection and discovery in social settings.

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Items in this card

  • Who finds thrill in hiking
  • Who loves to cook
  • Who speaks a foreign language
  • Who has a pet
  • Who enjoys gardening
  • Who plays a musical instrument
  • Who loves to read
  • Who has traveled to a different continent
  • Who practices yoga or meditation
  • Who enjoys photography
  • Who is a movie buff
  • Who likes to paint or draw
  • Who is a morning person
  • Who has run a marathon
  • Who loves to dance
  • Who enjoys writing
  • Who is a tea enthusiast
  • Who has a unique hobby
  • Who prefers podcasts over music
  • Who is into gaming
  • Who loves to go biking
  • Who enjoys crafting
  • Who is a coffee connoisseur
  • Who has lived in multiple cities
  • Who likes to volunteer

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