Ocean features bingo

Ocean features bingo

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Explore the depths of the ocean with this bingo card template featuring various ocean features, from the Great Barrier Reef to deep-sea trenches. A fun way to learn about marine biology.


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Items in this card

  • volcanic island arc
  • table mounts
  • submarine fracture zone
  • submarine fan
  • submarine canyon
  • shore
  • seamount
  • rift valley
  • oceanic islands
  • ocean trench
  • mid-oceanic ridge
  • guyot
  • coral reef
  • continental slope
  • continental shelf
  • continental rise
  • continental margin
  • black smokers
  • barrier reef
  • abyssal zone
  • abyssal plain
  • abyssal hills
  • abyss
  • Pacific Ring of Fire
  • Mariana Trench

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