Kindness bingo

Kindness bingo

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Spread positivity with our Random Acts of Kindness bingo card template. Encourage character development by completing simple acts that make a big impact. Customize it with your own ideas.


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Items in this card

  • Smiling at a stranger
  • Holding the door open
  • Giving compliments
  • Listening attentively
  • Helping someone carry their bags
  • Offering a genuine apology
  • Sharing a meal with someone in need
  • Donating to a charity
  • Offering a sincere thank you
  • Picking up litter
  • Offering a shoulder to cry on
  • Volunteering your time
  • Giving up your seat on public transportation
  • Writing a heartfelt note
  • Being patient with others
  • Offering encouragement
  • Sending a thoughtful text
  • Cooking a meal for someone
  • Giving a warm hug
  • Planting a tree
  • Returning a lost item
  • Supporting local businesses
  • Giving someone a genuine compliment
  • Offering to help with chores
  • Donating blood
  • Giving up your parking spot
  • Teaching someone a new skill
  • Offering to babysit for free
  • Sending flowers to brighten someone's day
  • Surprising someone with a small gift
  • Inviting someone to join your group
  • Sharing your umbrella in the rain
  • Helping someone with their groceries
  • Offering to walk someone's pet
  • Giving someone a ride
  • Being a good listener
  • Offering to tutor someone
  • Donating old clothes to those in need
  • Paying for someone's coffee
  • Sharing your knowledge with others
  • Writing a positive review
  • Cheering someone up with a joke
  • Offering to help with moving
  • Sending a handwritten thank you card
  • Supporting a friend's project
  • Offering words of encouragement
  • Baking cookies for a neighbor
  • Helping someone with their homework
  • Offering to shop for an elderly person
  • Sending a care package
  • Giving someone a genuine compliment
  • Helping someone carry heavy items
  • Returning a shopping cart
  • Offering to fix something for someone
  • Sharing a positive news article
  • Offering to walk someone home at night
  • Leaving a kind note for a coworker
  • Donating books to a library
  • Sharing your umbrella with a stranger
  • Offering to take someone's photo
  • Picking up groceries for a sick friend
  • Bringing in treats for coworkers
  • Helping someone find their way
  • Offering a sincere apology
  • Mowing a neighbor's lawn
  • Giving up your place in line
  • Helping someone with their technology

More about this bingo card

Hey, you good-hearted Samaritans and optimistic orbs of sunshine! Welcome to Kindness Bingo, the feel-good game that proves you can never have too much of a good thing—especially when that thing is kindness.

What Kindness Bingo Is All About

Be Kind Words on Pink Background

It's not just bingo; it's a positive affirmation for your soul. Every square is a deed, an action, or a word that brings a smile, warms a heart, or uplifts a spirit.

Game Modes with a Side of Compassion

  1. Reverse Bingo: Here, the objective isn't just to fill your card. Perform the kind act in each square, and then mark it off.
  2. Community Builder: As each deed is announced, share an instance when someone was kind to you in that way.
  3. The Kindness Auction: Players bid their squares to perform a specific act of kindness within a given timeframe.

Top Tip 🌟

Use emojis to decorate your bingo squares, adding an extra sprinkle of joy. A smiling face or heart emoji can add the perfect touch!

Play Kindness Bingo with Bingo Card Creator: Here’s How

person reaching black heart cutout paper
  1. Start with our Kindness Templates: Kindness comes in many shapes; so should your bingo cards.
  2. Add A Personal Touch: Modify those squares. Maybe include specific deeds tailored to your group, workplace, or community.
  3. Choose Your Battlefield: Play online with up to 500 lovely humans, or print unlimited cards for a more tangible experience.
  4. Who's the Kindest of Them All?: Celebrate multiple winners or set up a reward system for kind deeds done.

Why Choose Bingo Card Creator?

  • A Rainbow of Customization: Different grid sizes, pictures, or text, make your kindness game a bespoke experience.
  • Unlimited Kindness: With unlimited card printing, spread the love as far as it will go.
  • All Are Welcome: Whether it's a school activity or a workplace team builder, our features make it adaptable for any audience.

Spread Love and Bingo Cards Alike

So there you have it, folks. Kindness Bingo isn’t just a game; it's a movement. It’s a philosophy. It’s what the world needs a little more of. So why not start now? Grab your Kindness Bingo template and let the goodness flow! 🌈🤗

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

We're the Bingo Card Creator Team, bringing you diverse, engaging bingo templates and content.

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