The Office TV Show bingo card

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Revamp your office party with The Office bingo card template. Perfect for team building or remote work, this customizable game will have everyone laughing and engaging with their coworkers.
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The Office TV Show bingo card

Words/numbers used in this bingo card

Our bingo card has 25 items related to the Office TV Show. Here is the complete list:

  • Tries exercising authority like Gabe
  • Talks about cats like Angela
  • Get offended when leadership is questioned like Michael
  • Answers the phone like Erin
  • Someone has a birthday
  • Senior leadership gets frustrated at management like Jan
  • All office members do an activity together..
  • Brings dogs to the office like Jo
  • World's best boss mug or similar is spotted
  • Someone gets drunk like Meredith
  • Someone introduces him/herself like Bob Vance
  • Lunch in the breakroom
  • Someone brags about something like Dwight
  • Someone hates on HR like Michael with Toby
  • Someone abuses their power like Dwight
  • Someone draws something like Pam
  • There is cake in the conference room
  • Someone gives a pep talk like Michael
  • Leadership calls an impromptu meeting like Michael
  • Two people have a moment like Jim and Pam
  • Someone tries to be like someone else like Michael and Ryan
  • Someone discusses obscure agriculture like Dwight and Beets
  • The party planning committee meets
  • Someone says, That what she said.
  • Someone is politically incorrect like Michael
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