3rd grade dolch sight words

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Teach your 3rd graders the essential Dolch sight words with this customizable Bingo Card Template! Fun and effective language learning made easy.
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We found 42 3rd grade dolch sight words. We've listed them below by length:

2 letter words

  • if

3 letter words

  • try
  • ten
  • six
  • cut
  • far
  • got

4 letter words

  • warm
  • show
  • pick
  • much
  • long
  • done
  • draw
  • fall
  • full
  • gave
  • goes
  • grow
  • hold
  • hurt
  • keep
  • kind

5 letter words

  • today
  • start
  • small
  • shall
  • seven
  • oonly
  • never
  • about
  • bring
  • carry
  • clean
  • drink
  • eight
  • found
  • laugh
  • light

6 letter words

  • myself
  • better

8 letter words

  • together

More about this bingo card

Embarking on the journey of mastering 3rd grade Dolch sight words is pivotal in a child's reading and language development. At Bingo Card Creator, we offer a unique bingo template that cleverly incorporates these essential sight words, turning learning into an interactive and enjoyable activity.

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Understanding 3rd grade Dolch sight words

Dolch sight words are a collection of common words that are difficult to sound out and are frequently found in English language reading material. For 3rd graders, these words are crucial as they form the foundation for more complex reading and comprehension skills.

Importance in language learning

  • Fluency: Recognizing these words quickly aids in developing reading fluency.
  • Comprehension: A strong grasp of sight words supports better overall understanding of texts.
  • Confidence: As children recognize these words easily, their confidence in reading independently grows.

How to use the 3rd grade Dolch sight words bingo template

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In the classroom

  1. Interactive learning: Use the bingo template to create a fun, interactive way for students to familiarize themselves with sight words.
  2. Group activity: Encourage students to play in small groups, promoting both learning and social interaction.

At home

  1. Family fun with learning: Turn learning into a family game night, where even older siblings can join in and assist.
  2. Repetition and reinforcement: Regularly playing sight words bingo helps reinforce the words in a relaxed, pressure-free environment.

Remote learning

  1. Digital play: Utilize our online platform to play sight words bingo virtually, ensuring learning continues seamlessly at home.
  2. Engagement and interaction: Keep students engaged through interactive online sessions, maintaining a sense of classroom community.

Teaching tips for 3rd grade Dolch sight words

Creative repetition

  • Storytelling: Incorporate sight words into storytelling sessions, highlighting and discussing them in the context of the story.
  • Word hunts: Have students find and highlight sight words in their reading assignments or in provided texts.


  • Word challenges: Create daily or weekly sight word challenges, rewarding students for correct usage or recognition.
  • Creative writing: Encourage students to write short stories or sentences using a set of sight words.

Wrapping up: the path to literacy

Integrating 3rd grade Dolch sight words into your teaching or parenting approach is a strategic step in nurturing a child’s literacy skills. With our sight words bingo template, you have an innovative tool that makes learning these words enjoyable and effective. Ready to take on the adventure of learning with joy? Explore our Dolch sight words bingo template and watch as words unlock worlds for your young readers!

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3rd grade dolch sight words bingo card

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