Thomas Edisons inventions and discoveries bingo

Thomas Edisons inventions and discoveries bingo

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Step into Thomas Edison’s world of innovation with our history bingo card template featuring his inventions and discoveries. Customize the card with your own words and images to make learning fun!


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Items in this card

  • universal stock ticker
  • unison stop
  • system of distribution and regulation of electric current
  • sextuplex transmission
  • quadruplex transmission
  • phonograph
  • paraffin paper
  • multiplex telegraph system
  • motograph
  • motion picture camera
  • magnetic ore separator
  • incandescent light
  • fluoroscope
  • electrical vote recorder
  • electric saftey miner's lamp
  • electric pen
  • duplex telegraph system
  • carbon telephone transmitter
  • carbon rheostat
  • battery
  • automatic telegraph system
  • Fluorescent electric lamp
  • ""Etheric Force""
  • ""Edison dynamo""
  • ""Edison Effect""

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