50 baby shower game ideas

From Diaper Duels to Nursery Rhyme Completion, baby shower games offer a unique way to bond and create lasting memories, adaptable to any theme or setting, celebrating the mom-to-be.

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Feb 19, 2024
50 baby shower game ideas

Baby showers are all about celebrating the soon-to-be mom and her little bundle of joy. What better way to amp up the fun than with games that get everyone laughing, guessing, and maybe even a little competitive? From classic activities to creative new challenges, baby shower games are a fantastic way to break the ice and create lasting memories. Whether you're hosting a traditional in-person event or a virtual gathering, there's no shortage of games to keep your guests entertained.

Let’s dive into some popular baby shower games, exploring how to set them up and play. Remember, the goal is to cater to your audience and ensure everyone leaves with a smile.

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1. Guess the baby food

person feeding baby

Preparing for Guess the Baby Food is as delightful as it is amusing! This game requires a selection of baby food jars, masking tape, markers, spoons, and paper with pens for the guests. Begin by covering the baby food labels with masking tape and numbering each jar to keep things organized. This game is a sensory challenge, inviting guests to rely on their taste or smell to pinpoint the flavor of the baby food.

What you need

  • Several jars of different baby food flavors to introduce a variety of tastes.
  • Masking tape to cover the labels and create a mystery.
  • Markers for numbering each jar, making tracking easy.
  • Spoons, so each guest can have a taste or smell of the baby food.
  • Paper and pens for guests to jot down their guesses.

How to play

Offer each participant a spoon and a piece of paper. Guests will either taste or smell the baby food—depending on their level of daring—and try to guess the flavor. They'll note their guesses on the paper, referencing the number on each jar. It's a playful test of the senses that promises laughter and surprise, perfect for a baby shower setting.

2. Baby shower bingo

We Are Having A Baby

Baby Shower bingo is always a hit. You'll need bingo cards and markers for each guest. You can create custom bingo cards with our online Bingo Card Creator tool, featuring baby-related items instead of numbers.

What you need

To help you get started, we have a variety of templates to help!

How to play

As the mom-to-be opens her gifts, guests mark off items on their bingo cards that match the gifts. The first person to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) and shout "Bingo!" wins. This game is great for keeping guests engaged during the gift-opening portion of the shower.

3. Dirty diapers

brown chocolate bar on black table

This game might sound gross, but it's all in good fun! Dirty Diapers is a hilarious baby shower game where guests sniff or touch melted chocolate in diapers to guess the candy bar. It's a messy, laughter-filled guessing game!

What you need

  • Disposable diapers
  • Assorted mini chocolate bars
  • Microwave
  • Paper plates

How to play

Melt each type of chocolate bar on a separate paper plate, then smear it inside a diaper. Number the diapers and have guests sniff (or taste) the chocolate to guess which type it is. Provide paper and pens for guests to write down their guesses. It's a playful and slightly messy game that always gets laughs.

4. Guess the baby picture

baby under purple blanket

Guess the Baby Picture is a nostalgic trip down memory lane, where guests match adorable baby photos to the correct adult, sparking laughter and heartwarming tales of yesteryears.

What you need

  • Baby pictures of each guest
  • Bulletin board or poster board
  • Numbered labels
  • Tape or pins

How to play

Display all the baby photos on the board with a number next to each. Guests will write down who they think each baby photo belongs to, corresponding to the numbers. The person with the most correct guesses wins. This game is a sweet way to share memories and see how much everyone has changed.

5. Baby word scramble

boy playing cube on white wooden table

Baby Word Scramble challenges guests to unscramble baby-related words. It's a race against time, mixing fun and laughter as everyone tries to decode the jumbled letters first.

What you need

  • Printed sheets with scrambled baby-related words
  • Pens or pencils

How to play

Guests will unscramble the words as quickly as they can. Set a timer to add a sense of urgency, or let them take their time for a more relaxed game. The first person to correctly unscramble all the words, or the one with the most words unscrambled when time is up, wins. It's a great brain teaser that will have everyone scratching their heads.

6. Don’t say baby

closeup photo of blue clothes peg

Don't Say Baby is a playful test of self-control where guests try to avoid saying "baby" during the entire shower. Catch others slipping, collect their pins, and the one with the most pins wins. It's a constant, engaging challenge!

What you need

  • Clothespins or baby-themed pins

How to play

As each guest arrives, give them a pin to wear on their shirt. The rule is simple: don't say the word "baby." If someone catches you saying "baby," they get to take your pin. The person with the most pins at the end of the shower wins. It's a fantastic game that runs in the background of the shower, keeping everyone on their toes.

7. Measure mommy’s belly

closeup photography of pregnant woman wearing blue panty

Measure Momma's Belly is a hilarious guessing game where guests estimate the circumference of the expectant mom's belly. It's all about laughter, wild guesses, and the sweet surprise of seeing who's closest to the actual size!

What you need

  • Yarn or ribbon
  • Scissors

How to play

Guests will cut a piece of yarn or ribbon to the length they believe matches the circumference of the mom-to-be’s belly. One by one, they wrap their string around her to see how close they are. The closest guess wins. This game is a classic baby shower activity that gets everyone laughing and sharing in the excitement of the baby’s arrival.

8. Baby shower jeopardy

Baby Shower Jeopardy puts a delightful spin on the classic game show, challenging guests to test their knowledge on baby trivia across categories like nursery rhymes, baby care, and pregnancy facts. It's a fun way to spark laughter and learning!

What you need

  • Board to display categories and points
  • Index cards for questions and answers
  • Prizes

How to play

Divide the questions into categories related to babies and parenting. Guests or teams take turns choosing a category and a point value, trying to answer the question correctly to earn points. Just like in the TV show, the team with the most points at the end wins. It’s a great way to test knowledge in a fun and competitive way.

9. Wishes for baby

a bunch of tags hanging from a tree

Wishes for Baby invites guests to pen heartfelt hopes and dreams for the new arrival, creating a treasure trove of sentiments for the future.

What you need

  • Cards or paper
  • Pens

How to play

Each guest writes down their wishes for the baby’s future, anything from "I hope you learn to..." to "I hope you love..." These can be collected in a book or box for the parents to keep as a keepsake. It's a touching activity that adds a bit of sentimentality to the baby shower.

10. Baby sock matching

Baby Wearing Brown Socks

Baby Sock Matching turns the chaos of lost socks into a frenetic race, as players scramble to pair up an assortment of tiny, adorable socks, sparking laughter and playful competition among the baby shower attendees.

What you need

  • Baby socks (the more, the merrier)

How to play

Spread all the socks out on a table, and have guests race to match as many pairs as they can in a given time frame. This game is surprisingly challenging and mimics the real-life challenge of keeping baby socks paired up. It’s a fun, fast-paced game that everyone can enjoy.

11. Diaper changing relay

baby in white diaper standing beside blue and red balloons

Diaper changing relay races participants in a hilarious dash to see who can change a baby doll's diaper the fastest, combining speed with the delicate art of diapering.

What you need

  • Baby dolls
  • Diapers
  • Stopwatch or timer
  • Table or designated changing area

How to play

Split your guests into teams, and each team member must take turns changing a diaper on the baby doll as fast as they can. Once one team member finishes, the next person in line takes their turn. The team to finish first, with all diapers correctly put on, wins. It’s a hilarious way to race against time and get a sneak peek into the not-so-glamorous aspects of parenting.

12. Baby bottle bowling

Baby's Feeding Bottle on Hand

Baby bottle bowling takes a whimsical twist on the classic game, using baby bottles as pins. Both games promise laughter and lively competition, making them unforgettable additions to any baby shower.

What you need

Transform traditional bowling with a baby shower twist. You'll need baby bottles (filled with water for stability) and a small ball.

  • Baby bottles (at least 6 for a makeshift bowling pin setup)
  • Small ball (like a lightweight rubber ball)
  • A long, flat surface

How to play

Arrange the baby bottles in a triangle formation at one end of your playing surface to act as bowling pins. Participants take turns rolling the ball, trying to knock down as many "pins" as possible. The person with the highest score after a set number of rounds wins. This game is perfect for all ages and adds a playful element to your shower.

13. Pacifier hunt

a pair of pacifiers sitting on top of a wooden table

Pacifier hunt turns the search for hidden pacifiers into a lively adventure, blending excitement with a playful challenge.

What you need

Hide pacifiers around your event space before guests arrive. You'll need a bunch of pacifiers and a little creativity for hiding spots.

  • Pacifiers (the more, the merrier)
  • A list of hiding spots (optional)

How to play

Guests are tasked with finding as many hidden pacifiers as possible within a set time limit. The person who finds the most pacifiers wins a prize. This game is a great way to get guests moving and adds an element of surprise and discovery to the shower.

14. Baby item memory game

Yellow Duck Toy

The baby item memory game tests guests' recollection skills by having them match baby essentials, adding a twist of fun as they try to remember where each item is located. Both games infuse the baby shower with laughter and friendly competition.

What you need

Set up a tray with a variety of baby items, a cloth to cover them, and paper and pens for guests.

  • A tray
  • 15-20 baby items (bottle, pacifier, sock, etc.)
  • Cloth to cover the tray
  • Paper and pens for guests

How to play

Display the baby items on the tray and give guests a minute to memorize them. Cover the tray, and then guests have to write down as many items as they can remember. The person with the most correct items wins. This game tests memory and highlights just how many little things a new baby needs.

15. Feed the baby

oatmeal on white bowl beside yellow banana

Feed the Baby challenges guests to accurately spoon-feed their partners while blindfolded, leading to giggles and spills as they navigate this amusingly messy test of coordination and teamwork.

What you need

For a fun and messy game, you'll need baby food, spoons, and blindfolds. Participants will pair up for this feeding frenzy.

  • Baby food
  • Spoons
  • Blindfolds
  • Bibs (optional, but recommended)

How to play

One person in each pair is blindfolded and must feed baby food to their partner as quickly as possible without making too much of a mess. The pair with the cleanest feeding at the end of a set time wins. It’s a game that’s sure to induce giggles and a bit of chaos.

16. Mommy and daddy's secrets

woman in white long sleeve shirt kissing girl in white long sleeve shirt

Mommy and Daddy's Secrets is a delightful guessing game that reveals fun and surprising facts about the soon-to-be parents, creating an atmosphere of laughter and shared joy as guests uncover hidden truths and share their own parenting tips or stories.

What you need

Gather fun facts or secrets about the mom- and dad-to-be’s own babyhoods from their parents. You'll need these written down and a way to display them or read them out loud.

  • List of fun facts or secrets
  • Paper and pens for guests

How to play

Read each fact or secret aloud and have guests guess whether it’s about the mommy or daddy. This game provides a heartwarming connection to the past and a few laughs, especially with some of the more surprising secrets.

17. Baby sketch artists

assorted-color coloring pencils

This game is a creative way to get everyone laughing at their artistic attempts, fostering a light-hearted and joyful atmosphere as guests reveal their hidden (or not-so-hidden) artistic talents.

What you need

All you need for this artistic challenge are paper plates and markers. Guests will test their drawing skills in a unique and hilarious way.

  • Paper plates
  • Markers

How to play

Guests place the paper plate on their head and are given something baby-related to draw, like a crib or baby bottle, without looking. The mom-to-be judges the best (and worst) drawings.

18. Decorate a onesie

babys white onesie and pink and white bear print onesie

Decorate a Onesie turns plain baby clothes into personalized treasures. Guests unleash their creativity with fabric paint and markers, crafting unique designs for the little one's wardrobe.

What you need

This crafty game requires plain onesies, fabric markers, and decorative items like iron-on patches or fabric paint.

  • Plain onesies (one for each guest)
  • Fabric markers
  • Iron-on patches, fabric paint, stencils (optional)

How to play

Set up a decorating station where guests can personalize a onesie for the baby. It’s a fun, creative activity that leaves the mom-to-be with a collection of unique, heartfelt gifts for her little one.

19. Guess the baby song

photo of black and brown cassette tape

Guess the Baby Song is a melodic challenge where guests identify nursery rhymes and lullabies played or sung aloud, sparking nostalgia and fun as everyone tries to recall classic tunes.

What you need

  • Playlist of baby-related songs
  • Music player
  • Paper and pens for guests

How to play

Play a short snippet of each song, and guests have to guess the title or the artist. The person with the most correct answers wins. This game is a lively way to test guests’ musical knowledge and enjoy some baby-themed tunes.

20. Build a baby

Build a Baby invites guests to get creative by crafting a baby out of modeling clay. It's a playful, artistic challenge that sparks laughter and showcases imaginative talents.

What you need

This creative game requires modeling clay or Play-Doh in various colors for guests to sculpt their version of a baby.

  • Modeling clay or Play-Doh
  • Table covers (for easy cleanup)

How to play

Guests use the clay to sculpt a baby within a set time limit. The mom-to-be judges the creations based on creativity, realism, or humor, depending on her preference. It’s a hands-on game that lets everyone’s imagination run wild and adds an artistic touch to the baby shower.

21. Beer baby bottle chugging

Feeding Bottle on Table

Beer baby bottle chugging offers a humorous take on classic baby shower games, blending the innocence of baby feeding with the spirited fun of an adult challenge. This game turns a simple activity into a memorable, laughter-filled contest, perfectly suiting the lighthearted atmosphere of a baby shower.

What you need

A playful twist for co-ed showers, you'll need baby bottles filled with beer (or any beverage of choice for a non-alcoholic version) for each participant.

  • Baby bottles
  • Beer or alternative beverages
  • Timer

How to play

Participants race to chug their bottle through the nipple as quickly as possible. The first to finish their bottle wins. This game brings lots of laughs and is a humorous nod to the feeding sessions parents are about to face.

22. Who’s that baby?

baby wearing sleeper suit

Who’s that baby? invites guests to guess who each baby photo belongs to, sparking laughter and nostalgia as everyone tries to match adorable baby faces with fellow attendees.

What you need

  • Baby photos of each guest
  • Display board or area
  • Numbered labels

How to play

Display the photos with corresponding numbers. Guests guess who each baby photo belongs to, writing down their answers. The one with the most correct guesses wins. It's a heartwarming way to get to know each other better and share a few baby stories.

23. Baby shower charades

happy new year printed pink and white floral textile

Baby shower charades brings laughter and joy as guests act out baby-related phrases and actions, sparking fun guesses and creating unforgettable memories in a lively, interactive setting.

What you need

  • Slips of paper with baby-related actions
  • Bowl or bag

How to play

Players draw a slip and act out the scenario without speaking, while their team tries to guess what it is. This classic game, with a baby twist, gets everyone moving and laughing, perfect for breaking the ice among guests.

24. Pregnant twister

Hands on Persons on a Twister Mat

Pregnant twister puts a baby shower twist on the classic game, adapting it for expectant mothers with laughter-filled, gentle moves, ensuring fun and safety for all participants.

What you need

  • Twister game mat
  • Spin board
  • Pillows or balloons for fake pregnancy bellies (optional)

How to play

Follow the traditional rules of Twister, but with the added challenge of navigating the mat with a "pregnant" belly. This hilarious adaptation adds an extra layer of difficulty and laughter to the game.

25. Guess who? – baby edition

baby lying on inflatable ring

Dive into a guessing game that brings stories and facts to life without revealing their heroes. Guests have a blast figuring out who's who, sparking laughter and bonding everyone closer.

What you need

  • List of childhood stories or facts
  • Paper and pens for guests

How to play

Read the stories or facts aloud without revealing who they're about. Guests guess who each story or fact pertains to. It's a fun way to learn more about the parents-to-be and guests, sparking conversations and laughter.

26. Baby stroller olympics

man running while holding stroller

Baby stroller olympics is a playful race that turns pushing strollers into a sport, complete with laughter-filled challenges and whimsical obstacles, creating unforgettable moments for all.

What you need

  • Baby strollers
  • Cones or markers for the course
  • Stopwatch

How to play

Teams navigate the course with their stroller as quickly as possible while avoiding obstacles. This game tests speed and agility, offering a playful nod to the challenges of maneuvering a stroller in real life.

27. Dad’s toolbox

boy sitting on white cloth surrounded by toys

Dad's toolbox is a playful, hands-on game where guests guess baby-related items hidden inside, sparking laughter as they discover how each tool fits into a new parent's life.

What you need

  • Assorted baby care items (e.g., nipple cream, breast pads, nose aspirator)
  • Toolbox or bag

How to play

Guests try to guess the purpose of each item in the "toolbox." This game not only brings laughs but can also be educational, especially for first-time parents unfamiliar with some aspects of baby care.

28. Name that tune – lullaby edition

a book sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a pool

A charming musical challenge where guests guess classic and modern lullabies. It's a sweet, nostalgic trip down memory lane for all attendees.

What you need

  • Playlist of lullabies and nursery rhymes
  • Music player
  • Paper and pens for guests

How to play

Play a short snippet of each lullaby or nursery rhyme. Guests write down their guesses for the name of the tune. The person with the most correct answers wins. It's a sweet and soothing game that might even help build a bedtime playlist for the baby.

29. Diaper duel

brown bear plush toy

Diaper duel ignites the baby shower with a hilarious race, as guests compete to swiftly change diapers on dolls. It's a riot of giggles and cheers, showcasing diaper-changing prowess in a light-hearted battle.

What you need

  • Diapers
  • Baby dolls or teddy bears
  • Timer

How to play

Participants race against the clock to see who can diaper a doll or teddy bear the fastest. This game is not only fun but also a practical test of a skill that will be in high demand soon!

30. Baby preparation trivia

a blue question mark on a pink background

Dive into baby preparation trivia, a lively game where laughs and learning collide as guests guess their way through quirky facts and tips about the baby-rearing journey.

What you need

  • Trivia questions on cards or digital format
  • Scorekeeping method

How to play

Quiz guests on their baby preparation knowledge, ranging from the practical to the obscure. You can play in teams or individually, with points awarded for correct answers. It's an engaging way to learn and laugh about the journey of parenting.

31. Baby alphabet game

letter block toy

Baby Alphabet Game is a lively and educational challenge where guests race to list baby-related items from A to Z, sparking creativity and laughter as they brainstorm together.

What you need

  • Paper
  • Pens

How to play

Challenge guests to come up with a baby-related word for each letter of the alphabet. Set a timer to add a competitive edge. The person who completes the list first or comes up with the most words in the given time wins. It's a simple, yet engaging game that tests everyone's baby vocabulary.

32. Guess the number of diapers

a pile of cloth sitting on top of a lush green field

Guess the Number of Diapers turns a mountain of diapers into a guessing game, sparking laughter as guests estimate the colossal count, blending fun with practicality for the parents-to-be.

What you need

  • Large clear jar or container
  • Diapers

How to play

Display the jar prominently, and have each guest guess how many diapers are in the jar. The person with the closest guess without going over wins a prize. This game is not only fun but subtly highlights one of the central themes of baby care—diapers!

33. Belly bump ball

blue and yellow balloons with white clouds

Belly Bump Ball is a riot of laughter, where players don giant inflatable bellies and bounce around, trying to complete hilarious challenges. It's a goofy, light-hearted way to celebrate the bumps of pregnancy.

What you need

  • Balloons
  • String

How to play

Guests inflate balloons and place them under their shirts, tied with string around their waist, simulating a pregnant belly. Then, they attempt to pop each other's balloons using only their "bellies." The last person with an intact balloon wins. This game gets everyone moving and laughing, offering a playful nod to the baby bump.

34. Guess the due date

October Calendar On Wooden Surface

Guess the due date is a playful wagering game where guests predict the arrival of the new baby, sparking fun debates and guesses around the mom-to-be's special day.

What you need

  • Calendar
  • Markers or stickers

How to play

Guests write their name on the date they believe the baby will arrive. You can also allow guests to place bets or guesses online for virtual showers. The person who picks the correct date, or closest to it, receives a prize after the baby is born. It's a game of anticipation and excitement for the big day.

35. Baby animal name game

brown short coated dog lying on gray concrete floor

Dive into the playful and educational Baby Animal Name Game, where guests buzz with excitement as they guess the names of baby animals. It's a delightful mix of giggles and "aha" moments, perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your baby shower.

What you need

  • Printed sheets
  • Pens

How to play

Guests fill in the baby names of various animals (e.g., a baby cow is a calf). The person with the most correct answers wins. This game tests animal knowledge and is a cute nod to the guest of honor's upcoming arrival.

36. Who knows mommy best?

woman smiling wearing flower crown

Dive into the fun with Who knows mommy best? edition, a lively quiz that challenges guests to match wits over the mom-to-be's favorites, sparking laughter and bonding as everyone vies to prove their close bond with her.

What you need

  • List of questions about the mom-to-be
  • Paper
  • Pens

How to play

Read each question aloud, and guests write down what they think the mom-to-be's answer would be. The mom-to-be then shares her actual answers. The guest with the most matches wins. It's a personal and heartwarming game that celebrates the guest of honor.

37. The price is right – baby edition

Set of multicolored baby pacifiers on table

Dive into The Price is Right – Baby Edition, where guests channel their inner shopping guru to guess prices of baby items, turning into a lively mix of competition and chuckles.

What you need

  • Baby items (e.g., bottle, pacifier, diaper pack)
  • Paper
  • Pens

How to play

Show each item to the guests, who then write down how much they think it costs. Reveal the actual prices, and the guest with the closest total without going over wins. This game is a fun way to highlight the costs associated with newborn care.

38. Baby's first portrait

Baby's first portrait invites guests to unleash their inner artist by drawing their version of the newborn, sparking creativity and laughter as everyone shares their artistic interpretations.

What you need

  • Paper plates
  • Markers

How to play

Without looking, guests place the paper plate on their head and draw what they imagine the baby will look like. The mom-to-be picks the funniest, most accurate, or most creative portrait as the winner. It's a light-hearted game that unleashes everyone's inner artist.

39. Emoji pictionary

low-angle photo of pink and orange balloons

Emoji Pictionary is a wildly entertaining game that turns the art of guessing into a vibrant, emoji-filled adventure. It's all about cracking the code of baby-related phrases and words through the whimsical world of emojis.

What you need

  • Printed emoji Pictionary sheets
  • Pens

How to play

Guests interpret the emoji sequences to guess the phrases or nursery rhymes. The person with the most correct guesses wins. This modern twist on a classic game taps into everyone's love for emojis and tests their decoding skills.

Close-Up Shot of Keys on a Red Surface

Baby shower word search brings a fun twist to puzzles, inviting guests to find hidden baby-related words, perfect for adding a playful challenge to the celebration.

What you need

  • Custom word search puzzles
  • Pens or pencils

How to play

Set a timer, and let guests find as many words as they can before time runs out. The person who finds the most words wins. It's a quiet, focused game that can serve as a nice balance to the more active games at the shower.

41. Virtual baby shower bingo

brown bear plush toy in white shirt

Virtual baby shower bingo brings the classic game online, offering a fun way to celebrate with friends and family from afar, marking off baby-themed items as gifts are unveiled.

What you need

  • Digital bingo card generator
  • List of baby-related items

How to play

As the mom-to-be opens gifts or throughout the event, guests mark off items on their bingo cards. The first person to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) and types "Bingo!" in the chat wins. This game is perfect for keeping virtual attendees engaged and offers a digital twist on a classic favorite.

42. Online baby prediction game

Baby Lying On White Fur With Brown Blanket

The online baby prediction game is a playful virtual gathering where friends and family guess the future traits of the baby, turning predictions into a fun and engaging activity.

What you need

  • Online survey or prediction tool
  • List of prediction categories

How to play

Guests log their predictions online, and the host can share results in real-time or after the baby arrives. It's a fun way to involve everyone in the anticipation of the new arrival, regardless of their location.

43. Virtual diaper raffle

a pink bag on the ground

Virtual Diaper Raffle turns the necessity of diapers into a fun, online game, offering guests a chance to win prizes while ensuring the parents-to-be are well-stocked.

What you need

  • Email for receipt submissions
  • Digital randomizer or raffle tool

How to play

Guests who have purchased diapers for the family are entered into a raffle. Draw a winner during the virtual shower. This activity encourages practical gifts and adds an element of surprise and excitement to the shower.

44. Zoom baby shower trivia

Concentrated young female freelancer embracing newborn while sitting at table and working remotely on laptop at home

Zoom baby shower trivia transforms your virtual gathering into a lively quiz fest, where guests compete to answer fun questions about babies, parenting, and the expectant family's quirky preferences.

What you need

  • List of trivia questions
  • Online quiz platform or shared document

How to play

The host asks questions, and guests type their answers in the chat or use a quiz platform for real-time scoring. It's a great way to test knowledge and have some fun competition among guests.

45. Virtual guess the baby picture

Photo of Happy Baby Sitting on High Chair Eating

Dive into a digital guessing game with Virtual Guess the Baby Picture, where you'll laugh and reminisce as you try to match adorable baby photos with the guests, sparking joy and nostalgia.

What you need

A way for guests to submit their baby photos before the shower, and a slide show to display the pictures during the event.

  • Digital platform for photo submission
  • Slide show software

How to play

Show each baby photo on the screen, and guests guess who in the group it is. Reveal the answers at the end. It's a heartwarming game that gives everyone a glimpse into each other's pasts.

46. Online baby book advice

selective focus photography of woman reading book while sitting at bench

Online baby book advice is a collaborative activity where guests contribute their best parenting tips and wishes, creating a virtual keepsake for the parents-to-be to cherish forever.

What you need

  • Digital guest book platform or online forum

How to play

Invite guests to share their thoughts and advice online, creating a lasting keepsake for the parents and baby. It's a touching way to compile wisdom and love from family and friends.

47. Virtual baby shower scavenger hunt

White Ceramic Teapot Near Flower Arrangement on White Surface

The virtual baby shower scavenger hunt brings remote guests together in a playful quest for baby-related items within their homes, sparking joy and creativity across the digital divide.

What you need

  • List of items for scavenger hunt

How to play

The host calls out items, and guests race to find them in their homes and show them on camera. The first to return with the item scores a point. It's an energetic and interactive game that gets everyone moving.

48. Virtual guess the baby item - picture quiz

Baby's Green and Beige Sneakers on Brown Textile

Virtual guess the baby item is an engaging picture quiz that challenges guests to identify baby-related objects, perfect for adding a digital twist to traditional baby shower fun.

What you need

  • Images of baby items
  • Quiz or presentation software

How to play

Show each image on screen, and guests guess what the item is. You can make it more challenging by zooming in on a part of the item. It's a fun way to test guests' baby item knowledge and can be surprisingly tricky.

49. Virtual baby shower karaoke

Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Holding Brown Wooden Stick

Virtual baby shower karaoke brings the party online, inviting guests to belt out baby-themed tunes and lullabies, turning the event into a joyous, musical celebration from afar.

What you need

A list of baby-themed songs or lullabies and a karaoke app or YouTube for the backing tracks. Share lyrics through screen sharing if needed.

  • List of baby-themed songs
  • Karaoke app or YouTube

How to play

Guests choose or are assigned a song to perform. Everyone else mutes their microphones to listen and cheer on the performer. It's a joyous way to celebrate and can lead to many memorable moments.

50. Virtual nursery rhyme completion

white sheep baby mobile

Virtual nursery rhyme completion is a playful online game where guests complete the lines of classic nursery rhymes, sparking laughter and nostalgia in a cozy, virtual baby shower setting.

What you need

  • List of nursery rhymes with omitted words

How to play

The host reads a line from a nursery rhyme, pausing where a word or line is missing. Guests shout out or type the missing part. It's a nostalgic game that tests memory and brings back childhood memories.


Final words

In wrapping up our extensive list of baby shower games, it's clear that whether you're gathering in person or connecting digitally, there's no shortage of creative and engaging ways to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby. From the hilarity of Diaper Duels to the sweet nostalgia of Nursery Rhyme Completion, each game offers a unique opportunity to bond, laugh, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The beauty of these games lies in their flexibility to adapt to any shower theme or setting, ensuring that every guest, near or far, can partake in the joy and excitement of the occasion.

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