20 fun bachelorette games

Plan the ultimate bachelorette party with our list of 20 creative and entertaining games. Say goodbye to clichés, and hello to unforgettable fun!

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Aug 30, 2023
20 fun bachelorette games

So, your bestie's getting hitched, huh? And you've been given the ultimate task to throw the most unforgettable bachelorette bash before she ties the knot? Well, you've hit the jackpot because we've got your back with 20 outrageously fun bachelorette games that'll have everyone in stitches.

Let's get those giggles going and sprinkle in some creativity!

1. DIY Ring Toss

Grab inflatable or toy rings and set up a homemade pegboard. The catch? You have to wear fabulous oversized sunglasses while you toss. Style and skill combined!

Setup: Place pegs or stakes in the ground or use bottles in a crate.

Rules: Stand a set distance away. Each player gets 5 rings. The goal is to land a ring on a peg. Tally scores after everyone has thrown.

2. Bride or Groom

Do you know who's the chocoholic or the one with a secret talent for yodeling? Dive deep into the couple's quirks and memories, and figure out if it's a bride's tale or a groom's escapade!

Setup: Create cards with statements about the bride or groom.

Rules: Read out a statement. Players guess if it's about the bride or groom. Keep score, and the highest wins!

3. Bachelorette Bingo

Not your grandma’s bingo! Customize with words like "heels", "glitter", and "champagne." Or use one of our premade bachelorette bingo templates to get the games going! 

Setup: Bingo cards with party scenarios.

Rules: As scenarios occur, mark them off. The first to get five in a/ row calls out “Bingo!” and wins.

4. Lipstick Pictionary

Ditch those boring pens and dive into a game of drawings with a vibrant twist! Get those lips puckered and ready, because this isn't just Pictionary – it's a fabulous, lipstick-laden masterpiece challenge!

Setup: Write phrases on cards and provide paper and lipstick.

Rules: Players pick a card and then attempt to draw it using only lipstick. Teammates have to guess what it is within a time limit.

5. Who’s That Celebrity Couple?

Slide-show some famous pairs and see who can name them the fastest. Bet no one remembers that time Britney dated...who was it again?

Setup: Prepare a slideshow or flashcards of celebrity couples.

Rules: Show each image briefly. Guests write down their guesses. Tally the answers at the end. Most correct answers wins!

6. Pin the Bowtie on the Groom

Like the childhood donkey game but with a poster of the groom. Spin, point, and try to get that bowtie right on target.

Setup: Put up a poster of the groom. Blindfold participants.

Rules: Spin each player around a few times, then have them attempt to place a paper bowtie on the poster. Closest to the correct spot wins!

7. Wedding Mad Libs

Prep a story leaving out verbs, nouns, and adjectives. Let the crew fill in the blanks. Reading the results? Utter hilarity.

Setup: Create templates with blanks.

Rules: Guests fill in the blanks without seeing the story. Once completed, someone reads out the wild tales!

8. The Purse Raid

It's a point-based game. Produce items from a list (e.g., mints, lipstick, photo of a pet). The quirkier, the more points!

Setup: Create a list of typical purse items, each assigned points.

Rules: Call out items. Guests pull them from their bags, and scores are tallied based on rarity and uniqueness.

9. Pass the Bouquet

Add a twist to the classic musical chairs game with a floral spin! 

Setup: Sit in a circle with music.

Rules: Pass a bouquet around. When the music stops, the holder does a dare. Last one holding wins!

10. Karaoke Queen

Let out those diva vibes. Whether it's belting out Beyoncé or serenading with Sinatra, let those vocal cords loose!

Setup: Karaoke machine or app.

Rules: Each guest sings a chosen song. Optional: Let attendees vote for their favorite act.

11. Cocktail Mix-off

Who’s the best mixologist in the group? Shake and stir your way to the title. Just remember to drink responsibly!

Setup: Set up a mixing station with ingredients.

Rules: Each participant has 5 minutes to create a cocktail. The bride tastes each and declares a winner!

12. Dance-Off

Because who doesn’t love shaking a leg, especially when it's a dance battle? Show those moves!

Setup: Clear space, play music.

Rules: Each person dances to a drawn style or move. Applause determines the winner!

13. Marry, Date, Kick to the Curb

Think of celebs or fictional characters. Each person picks one for each category. Justifications are a must!

Setup: Write names of celebs/characters on cards.

Rules: Draw three cards and decide which person to marry, date, or kick to the curb, explaining why.

14. Toilet Paper Wedding Dress

Ready to unleash your inner fashion designer? With just rolls of toilet paper, transform your team member into a runway-ready bride. Elegance, flair, and a sprinkle of humor await!

Setup: Provide rolls of toilet paper.

Rules: In teams, create a dress on one member using only TP within a time frame. A panel (or the bride) judges the best look!

15. Guess the Age

How well do you know the bride's journey through the sands of time? Test your guessing prowess with snapshots from her yesteryears. Let's see who can pinpoint the age of our glowing bride-to-be!

Setup: Photos of the bride at different ages.

Rules: Guests write age guesses for each. Closest total guesses wins.

16. Bachelorette Jeopardy

Dive into the world of bridal trivia with a sassy twist! Test your knowledge on everything from the couple's love story to wedding traditions across the globe. Ready to buzz in?

Setup: Create a board of categories/questions with points.

Rules: Players pick a category and point value, then attempt to answer. Highest score at the end wins.

17. Would She Rather?

Create a list of fun dilemmas. Tacos or pizza? Beach holiday or snowy mountain cabin? See who knows the bride best.

Setup: List of dilemmas.

Rules: Guests guess the bride's preference for each. Bride reveals answers. Most correct guesses wins!

18. Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Send the crew on a wild hunt. Maybe someone needs to find a guy with the groom's name or take a selfie with a street performer! 

Setup: List of tasks/challenges.

Rules: Participants take photos as they complete tasks. Set a time limit. Most completed tasks or most creative solutions win!

19. Rom-Com Charade

Step into the world of heart-flutters, dramatic rain kisses, and iconic movie moments! Act out those unforgettable rom-com scenes and see who can decode the love story. Cue the dramatic gestures and exaggerated sighs!

Setup: Write rom-com moments on slips.

Rules: Players act out the scene. Their team guesses within a time limit. Rotate teams and tally points.

20. Advice for the Bride

As she steps into this beautiful chapter of matrimony, share your pearls of wisdom, cherished memories, or heartwarming anecdotes. Let's create a tapestry of love, laughter, and lessons for our bride-to-be!

Setup: Provide a journal and pens.

Rules: Not competitive; just a heartwarming activity. Everyone writes advice or a memory.

Phew! With this list, your bachelorette party is bound to be a hoot! Remember, the goal is to create memories, let loose, and most importantly, celebrate the amazing person about to embark on a wonderful journey of love and partnership.

Before you dash off to get those party hats and streamers, a couple of quickies:

  • Be mindful of all your guests. Games should be enjoyable for everyone. Maybe Aunt Gertrude might not want to play "Pin the Bowtie on the Groom", and that's A-OK.
  • Remember, not everyone drinks, so always have non-alcoholic versions available in any boozy games.


That’s a wrap! Go rock that bachelorette party and make it an unforgettable night of laughter,

Happy partying! And remember, don't forget to share those fun photos (only the PG ones, please ).

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