25 entertaining engagement party games

Get ready to elevate your engagement party with 25 fun-filled games that’ll keep your guests entertained, laughing, and in the mood for love!

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Oct 9, 2023
25 entertaining engagement party games

Planning an engagement party is kind of like crafting the perfect playlist; you want the hits, but also some unexpected gems. It's all about the flow, baby. From sassy classics like the Newlywed Game to new favorites like customized Couple's Bingo, this list will keep your guests entertained, laughing, and maybe a tad jealous they didn't think of these first. So let’s get this party from engaged to en-fuego!

1. The newlywed game: relive the first dates

Ah, The Newlywed Game—oldie but a goldie. This game tests how well the couple knows each other and brings up hilarious memories.

How to play:

Fire off some juicy questions about each other while the engaged couple is separated. Then let them spill the tea about their answers, all while trying to match each other’s responses.

2. Couple's bingo: milestones and mishaps

Because nothing says "I love you" like shouting "Bingo!" in front of all your friends and family.

How to play:

With a trusty bingo card generator, create cards based on the couple’s milestones, quirks, or even embarrassing moments. Hand them out and let the game begin!

Alternatively, try one of our wedding theme related pre-made bingo card templates:

Top Tip: With options for custom text, emoji, and pictures, your bingo game can be as unique as your love story.

3. He said, she said: quote wars

Unearth the witty, weird, and wonderful things the bride and groom have said about each other or their relationship.

How to play:

Write down these memorable one-liners on cards and let the guests guess who said what.

4. Engagement ring toss: diamonds in the rough

Because the only thing better than receiving a diamond ring is tossing one onto a bottle, obviously.

How to play:

Get some faux bling and set up bottles. Label them with relationship milestones like "First Kiss," "Moved In," or "Met the Parents."

5. Two truths and a lie: the mystery unfolds

Sure, you might know their favorite color, but do you know who made the first move? Time to find out!

How to play:

Have the couple share three statements—two true and one false. Guests guess the lie and maybe uncover some unexpected stories.

6. Charade your love: act it out, lovebirds

The dramatic arts meet romance in a game where love is definitely not a battlefield.

How to play:

Prepped with lovey-dovey phrases or romantic movie titles, teams take turns miming their hearts out.

7. Shoe game: kick off your love

Ah, the Shoe Game. It’s like the Newlywed Game but with way more sole.

How to play:

The couple sits back-to-back, each holding one of their own and one of their partner's shoes. Questions get asked, shoes get raised, laughs ensue.

8. Pictionary: love doodles

Doodle your way into your guests' hearts with love-themed Pictionary.

How to play:

Create cards with phrases like “Love at First Sight” or “Honeymoon” and go Picasso on the drawing board.

Top Tip: If you want to shake things up, ditch the words for emojis or doodles that people have to guess.

9. Wedding vow mad libs: vow to laugh

Wedding vows are serious, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some irreverent fun with them!

How to play:

Create a Mad Libs-style vow sheet. Have guests fill them out and read them aloud. Prepare for tears—of laughter!

10. Engagement scavenger hunt: quest for love

Because nothing says romance like a treasure hunt that brings everyone closer to the couple's love journey.

How to play:

Set up a series of clues around the venue that guests follow. Each clue should be a part of the couple's story.

11. Who am I? the couples edition

Break the ice by getting everyone involved in guessing the identities of famous couples.

How to play:

Stick the names of famous couples on the guests' backs. Through yes-or-no questions, each guest figures out "who they are."

13. Finish the sentence

A game that lets guests complete sentences related to love and relationships in the most humorous or heartfelt way possible.

How to play:

The host reads out incomplete sentences like, "Love is..." or "The key to a happy marriage is...". Guests shout out their own endings. The couple picks their favorites for each round.

14. Beer pong: love edition

A college classic meets matrimonial merriment in "Beer Pong: Love Edition." Navigate your way through a game of beer pong, but with each cup sunk, a question or challenge about the couple awaits.

How to play:

Set up a regular beer pong table, but write love-related questions or challenges under each cup. When a ball lands in a cup, the person who tossed it must answer the question or complete the challenge.

Top Tip: For added fun, include a couple of "wildcard" cups that offer particularly daring challenges or juicy questions.

15. Karaoke love songs

Get ready to swoon or groove because "Karaoke Love Songs" invites guests to belt out tunes that celebrate love in all its forms. Whether it's a heart-wrenching ballad or a bubbly pop hit, this game is a vocal tribute to the universality of love.

How to Play:

Create a playlist of love songs across various genres and decades. Guests sign up to sing a song of their choice or can be randomly assigned one. After each performance, the audience rates it on a scale of 1 to 10. The person with the highest score wins a prize.

Top Tip: Use our bingo card generator to create Karaoke Bingo cards. When a guest sings a song that’s on the card, attendees can mark it off. Sing your heart out and win at bingo simultaneously!

16. Love bingo: the heart wants what it wants

Just when you thought bingo couldn’t get more exciting, Love Bingo enters the scene to prove you wrong. This game is filled with romantic clichés, memorable love songs, and things that remind everyone of the joy of being in love.

How to play:

Use our bingo card generator to create bingo cards that are sprinkled with love-themed words, song titles, or even movie scenes that depict the essence of love. Distribute the cards among the guests, and let the love-fueled bingo-ing commence!

Top Tip: Take this game to the next level by replacing the regular bingo caller with a playlist of love songs. When a song plays that matches a square, guests can mark it off!

17. Adult pin the tail

A grown-up twist to a childhood classic—Pin the Ring on the Bride, anyone?

How to play:

Blindfolded guests attempt to pin a paper ring onto a picture of the bride or groom.

18. Sip or spill

Unleash the secrets or sip your way out! Sip or Spill is a boozy truth-or-dare that brings out confessions and keeps the cocktails flowing.

How to play:

Guests must answer tricky questions truthfully or take a sip of their drink.

19. Love story charades

Charades where all the phrases are scenes from the couple’s love story.

How to play:

Put scenes from the couple’s history into a hat. Players draw and act them out while the rest of the guests guess.

20. Jenga: question edition

It's Jenga, but each block pulled adds more than just suspense—it adds conversation and hilarity. Get to know the couple and other guests as you try not to let the tower tumble.

How to play:

Write questions or challenges on Jenga pieces. Each time someone draws a block, they have to complete the challenge or answer the question.

21. DIY photo booth

A modern classic—picture yourself in various props and themes.

How to play:

Set up a photo booth with props related to the couple. Let the camera roll!

22. Guess the cake

Indulge your taste buds while you play detective in "Guess the Cake."

How to play:

Offer guests small samples of different cakes, each having unique ingredients. Provide cards for guests to jot down their guesses. Reveal the actual ingredients after everyone's had a taste, and award a prize to the person with the most correct guesses.

23. Date night jar

A useful and fun game where guests can help the couple plan their date nights.

How to play:

Guests write down unique date night ideas and put them in a jar for the couple to draw from in the future.

24. Emoji puzzles: love edition

red and yellow smiley balloon

A modern take on love puzzles, tailored for the smartphone era.

How to play:

Display a series of emojis on a screen. Guests have to guess the related word or phrase.

25. Who’s more likely to?

Who's the crier, the jokester, or the romantic in the relationship? "Who's More Likely To?" is the revealing game that answers these burning questions, offering a hilarious and heartwarming peek into the couple's dynamics

How to play:

Guests vote on who is more likely to do different things like "Who's more likely to cry at a movie?" The couple reveals the true answers.

That's a wrap!

Woo-hoo, there you have it! Twenty-five super fun games to get your engagement party from zero to one hundred real quick. So put on your party hats, let the champagne flow, and let the games begin!

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