80 enchanting fall activities for kids

Discover 80 activities that transform your autumn into an epic season of fun, creativity, and connection. Unfallgettable adventures await!

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Sep 28, 2023
80 enchanting fall activities for kids

Fall, the season of cozy sweaters, warm drinks, and a million reasons to play! Whether you're a pumpkin-spice aficionado or a leaf-peeping enthusiast, we've got 80 fall-tastic activities sorted by category for you and the kiddos. So, let's pumpkin-spice up your life!

Nature's Playground

  1. Leaf Collecting: Gather the most colorful leaves.
  2. Apple Picking: Pick your own crisp apples.
  3. Hayrides: A scenic tour on a wagon.
  4. Corn Maze: Get lost in a field.
  5. Hiking: Explore nature's autumn palette.
  6. Kite Flying: Let it soar on a windy day.
  7. Puddle Jumping: Make a splash!
  8. Touch Football: Quick family-friendly scrimmage.
  9. Pumpkin Patch: Find the perfect gourd.
  10. Stargazing: Autumn skies are clear and beautiful.

Indoor Escapades

  1. Hot Cocoa Nights: Whip up some chocolatey goodness.
  2. Blanket Fort: Build a snug empire.
  3. Movie Marathon: Fall-themed movies, anyone?
  4. Dance Party: Shake it like a falling leaf!
  5. Puppet Show: Make sock puppets and put on a show.
  6. Science Experiments: DIY volcanoes or slime.
  7. Treasure Hunt: Hide treats and treasures around the house.
  8. Spa Day: Facials, manis, and relaxation.
  9. DIY Pizzas: Make and bake together.

Creative Crafts

  1. Leaf Art: Press and frame autumn leaves.
  2. Handprint Turkeys: A Thanksgiving must-do!
  3. Mason Jar Lanterns: Light up the evening.
  4. Pinecone Owls: Adorable and easy.
  5. Paper Plate Masks: Become animals of the forest.
  6. Bead Necklaces: String it, wear it, love it.
  7. Scented Candles: DIY your fave fall smells.
  8. Photo Frames: Decorate with autumn motifs.
  9. Autumn Wreaths: Use leaves, acorns, and more.

Farm and Harvest Fun

  1. Tractor Rides: Hop on for a field tour.
  2. Fishing: Yes, you can fish in the fall!
  3. Harvest bingo: Bring the harvest indoors if you can't get outside! Use our bingo card generator to simply create a custom bingo card, or why not use one of our fall-themed pre-made bingo card templates below?
  1. Sunflower Field: Endless yellow photo ops.
  2. Pumpkin Painting: Safer than carving.
  3. Potato Sack Races: Hop to the finish line!
  4. Visit a Farm: Learn how your food grows.
  5. Harvest Festival: Games, food, and fun!

Spooky and Mysterious

  1. Ghost Stories: Around the campfire or flashlight.
  2. Halloween Parade: Costume flaunting for all.
  3. Candy Hunt: Because you can't trick-or-treat every day.
  4. Haunted House: DIY or visit one.
  5. Spider Web Walk: Navigate a web of string.
  6. Zombie Tag: Run, you're lunch!
  7. Halloween Bingo: the beloved game with a twist! Spooky symbols. Use our pre-made Halloween bingo card to get you started!
  1. Monster Mash Dance: Dance like the undead.

Educational Endeavors

  1. Historical Reenactments: Step back in time.
  2. Museum Visit: Seek out fall or historical exhibits.
  3. Library Scavenger Hunt: Find books by clues.
  4. Planetarium Trip: Learn about stars and planets.
  5. Art Gallery: Feast your eyes on art.
  6. Cooking Class: Seasonal foods or baking.

Music and Performance

  1. Karaoke Night: Sing your heart out.
  2. Magic Show: Can you say "abracadabra"?
  3. Talent Show: Show off those hidden talents.
  4. Musical Chairs: To the tune of spooky music.
  5. Drum Circle: Bang on those pots and pans.

Sports and Physical Activities

  1. Yoga: Stretch those limbs!
  2. Soccer: Kick around the fallen leaves.
  3. Frisbee: Toss it in the park.
  4. Jump Rope: Hop to the beat.
  5. Mini Olympics: Multiple sport events in one day.

Social and Family Games

green and black dragon figurine
  1. Board Game Night: Classics or new adventures.

Alternatively, why not try our board game bingo card? Why not let the winner choose the next board game?

  1. Pictionary: Draw and guess.
  2. Card Games: Shuffle up and deal.
  3. Charades: Act it out!
  4. Truth or Dare: Spill or take the challenge.

Just for Teens

  1. Photo Shoot: Instagram-worthy pics in the leaves.
  2. DIY Beauty: Make autumn-inspired cosmetics.
  3. Fashion Show: Strut your fall looks.
  4. Vlog Day: Record a "Day in the Life".
  5. Scrapbooking: Capture those memories.

Just for the Little Ones

  1. Playdough: DIY scented versions.
  2. Bubble Blowing: Because bubbles are always fun.
  3. Sticker Story: Create a story with stickers.
  4. Shape Sorter: Make your own with cardboard.
  5. Balloon Tennis: A safe and fun game.

Bonus Activities

  1. Zoo Visit: Check out animals preparing for winter.
  2. Botanical Garden: Blooms aren't just for spring.
  3. Food Truck Hop: Sample seasonal eats from local vendors.
  4. Community Service: Make fall care packages for a local charity.
  5. Pumpkin Bowling: Use small pumpkins as bowling balls and knock down pins for a seasonally spiced twist on a classic game.


That's a wrap, folks! With 80 activities, you're all set to make this fall season unforgettable. Whether you want to connect with nature, get creative, or simply spend quality time with your loved ones, there's something for everyone. From little tots to teenagers, these activities guarantee a fall bursting with fun and memories. So go ahead, make your fall bucket list and start checking things off!

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