50 frighteningly fun Halloween games for adults

Ditch the tricks and treat yourself to an epic Halloween bash! From Spooky Bingo to a Zombie Scavenger Hunt, we’ve got 50 thrilling adult games lined up.

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Oct 26, 2023
50 frighteningly fun Halloween games for adults

Spooktacular nights are upon us, and it's time to ditch the kiddie games. This Halloween, let's aim for a haunted soirée with a twist of adult sophistication. From board games to bingo, there's something for everyone.

1. Monster Mash Musical Chairs

Who says musical chairs is just for kids? Gather around a circle of chairs and dance to some haunting tunes. When the music stops, grab a seat as quickly as you can or risk being the first "ghost" out of the game. A perfect way to kick off your Halloween bash.

2. Haunted House Bingo

If you're looking to switch up your usual bingo routine, why not go haunted? Create customized bingo cards with pictures of witches, ghouls, and vampires. Don't have the time? Use our trusty bingo card generator to craft the spookiest bingo night ever.

3. Zombie Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of Halloween items for your guests to find. Level up the challenge by including items like "witch's hair" or "vampire teeth." A scavenger hunt is an interactive way to get everyone exploring and enjoying your haunted décor.

4. Candy Corn Poker

Swap out the usual poker chips for candy corn and deal those cards. It's poker with a sweet twist, where losing a hand might actually taste pretty good.

5. Scream Pictionary

Time for Pictionary, but make it Halloween. Replace standard categories with things like "Famous Monsters" or "Haunted Places." Sketch your way through Halloween classics, and see who the real Picass-boo is!

6. Ghost in the Graveyard

Designate a "ghost" to hide somewhere in your space. The rest of the crew hunts for the spectral figure. The first to find the ghost yells, "Ghost in the graveyard!" and everyone races back to home base.

7. Werewolf

Distribute role cards to everyone—either a werewolf or a villager. As night falls, the werewolves "attack," and the villagers must figure out who among them is the monster. A game of cunning deceit and keen observation.

8. Mummy Wrap Race

Break out into teams and pick your "mummy." The goal is to wrap your mummy in toilet paper as fast as possible. It’s like a relay race, but with an added touch of ancient Egypt.

9. Spooky Bingo

Make your bingo game a tad spookier by using sound effects instead of numbers. You could have a door creaking, a wolf howling, or a witch laughing. Fun to play and even more fun to listen to.

Why not try one of our pre-made Halloween bingo cards?

10. Tarot Card Reading

Why not delve into the mystical? Whether you hire a professional or DIY it, a tarot card reading adds an element of the unknown to your party.

11. Trick or Drink

Think trick-or-treat but with shots. Set up stations with different drinks, from witches' brew to vampire blood. A game for those who dare to quench their unholy thirst.

12. Apple Bobbing with a Twist

You know the drill—bob for apples. But add a drop of food coloring to the water for an eerie effect. Sometimes, the oldest games are the ghoul-est.

13. Fear Factor Eating Contest

Channel your inner daredevil and dig into a plate of gummy worms, chocolate eyeballs, or even jello brains. Perfect for those with a stomach of steel.

14. Drunk Jenga

Regular Jenga, but with a twist—each block has a dare or a shot written on it. It's a game of skill and liquid courage.

15. Bloody Beer Pong

The frat house classic gets a gruesome makeover. Use red-colored drinks to up the gore factor. Aim, shoot, and try not to get too spooked.

6. Spooky Charades

Instead of miming "Titanic," how about "Dracula rising from his coffin?" Halloween-themed charades can bring out everyone's inner actor, whether they're a devilish diva or a zombie in disguise.

17. Ouija Board Questions

woman playing quija

This one's for the bravest of souls. Bust out the Ouija board and let the spirits join the party. Questions can range from silly to seriously spooky.

18. Haunted Piñata

Fill a ghost or pumpkin-shaped pinata with Halloween treats and let the smashing begin. Nothing screams 'adulting' like whacking a pinata and scrambling for the goodies.

19. Vampire Tag

Classic tag but when you're 'it', you're a vampire. The vampire must tag other players to turn them into fellow bloodsuckers. Last human standing wins.

20. Costume Contest

Shallow Focus Photo of Woman With Face Paint

No Halloween party is complete without this staple. Create categories like "Most Original" or "Scariest Costume" to make things interesting. Winners can get a “Boo Basket” filled with treats.

21. Pumpkin Bowling

Paint some empty bottles to resemble monsters and use a small pumpkin as a bowling ball. A terrific game that's both artsy and athletic.

22. Halloween Puzzles

blue and white jigsaw puzzle

Take Halloween trivia cards and cut them into pieces. Whoever puts them back together the quickest gets to answer the trivia question. A game that tests both your smarts and your reflexes.

23. Hot Pumpkin

Like hot potato, but with a small pumpkin. Pass it around while eerie music plays. Don't be the one holding it when the music stops!

24. Haunted Storytime

Gather 'round and share the spookiest stories you know. Make it a game by voting for the one that scares the most.

25. Witch Hat Ring Toss

woman carries cat

Create or buy some witch hats and rings. The aim is to loop a ring around the pointy tip of the hat. A whimsical game that demands precision.

26. Scary Movie Bingo

Create bingo cards with common scary movie clichés, like "the phone line gets cut" or "the car won't start." Watch a horror flick and play along. Make your cards in no time using our handy bingo card generator.

Try one of our pre-made scary movie bingo card templates:

27. Cauldron Toss

Fill a cauldron with water and floating apples. Guests must catch an apple using only their mouths, no hands allowed. The true test of dexterity!

28. Mystery Box

Fill boxes with different textures like cooked spaghetti or peeled grapes. Blindfold players, have them feel the contents, and guess what's inside. Let your imagination run wild.

29. Halloween Pictionary with a Twist

black pencil on white notebook

Pair up and play Pictionary, but the artist is blindfolded. Hilarity will ensue as your drawings become unintentional monsters.

30. Two Truths and a Lie: Ghost Story Edition

Each player says two true stories and one fabricated ghost story. The other players must guess which one is the lie. A spine-chilling twist on a classic game.

31. Candy Corn Hole

Use candy corn instead of bean bags and a pumpkin with a mouth cut out as the target. Score by getting the candy corn into the pumpkin's mouth. A game that's as sweet as it is fun.

32. Skull and Bones Scavenger Hunt

white and black skull figurine on black surface

Hide plastic skulls and bones around your space. The one to collect the most skeletal remains wins. A ghastly search that keeps everyone on their toes.

33. Themed Trivia

Quiz your guests on their Halloween knowledge. Categories can range from horror films to the history of Halloween. A fun challenge for the know-it-alls.

34. Balloon Pop

Cute Halloween Decorations

Write different dares on pieces of paper and insert them into orange and black balloons before inflating. Guests must pop a balloon and complete the dare inside.

35. Trick or Treat Taste Test

A Box of Sugar Coated Candies

Blindfold your guests and feed them various Halloween treats like candy corn or chocolate bats. They must guess what they’re eating. A game that's both sweet and slightly disorienting.

36. Witch’s Brew

person holding wand on top of bowl

Create a concoction of different liquids (juices, sodas, etc.) and have guests guess the ingredients. The one with the most correct guesses wins a prize.

37. Halloween Heads Up!

Use your phone or cards with Halloween terms for a thrilling game of Heads Up! Perfect for testing how well you and your friends know your Halloween lingo.

38. Magic Potion Making

Offer a variety of ingredients like juices, soda, and fruits. Guests must concoct their own ‘magic potions.’ Best tasting potion wins a prize.

39. Dare or Scare

A Halloween version of truth or dare. Choose 'dare' and you have to do something scary like telling a ghost story. Choose 'scare' and you have to perform a dare.

40. Creepy Riddles

Create a booklet or PowerPoint of creepy riddles. Employees or teams are tasked with solving these riddles within a set time frame. For each wrong answer, impose a "haunted" penalty—like doing a "zombie walk" around the office. Fastest team to solve all the riddles wins.

41. Horror Movie Charades

turned on projector

This game has a frightening twist on the traditional charades. Employees take turns acting out famous scenes or titles from horror movies. Use a timer to add pressure and make it more exciting. The team that guesses the most correctly within a set time wins.

42. Frankenstein's Relay

Divide into teams and complete a relay race. But here's the catch: You must walk like Frankenstein. Coordination and hilarity are key.

43. Murder Mystery Game

Assign roles and enact a murder mystery throughout the evening. A game that requires critical thinking, acting chops, and a love for drama.

44. Ghostbusters

Fill balloons with helium and draw ghost faces on them. Players must catch the ‘ghosts’ and put them into a container within a set time limit. A ghostly good time!

45. Halloween Jenga

brown wooden blocks on black table

Write dares or questions on Jenga blocks. Each time you pull a block, you have to perform the dare or answer the question. A precarious game with a Halloween twist.

46. Candy Corn Count

Fill a clear jar with candy corn and seal it tight. Employees have to estimate the number of candy corns inside without opening the jar. At the end of the day, the closest guess wins the jar plus any additional treats you want to throw in!

47. Dark Room Challenge

brown wooden panel door beside gray concrete wall

Navigate a dark room filled with Halloween obstacles. The fastest time wins. Perfect for those who aren't afraid of the dark—or at least say they aren't.

48. Monster Freeze Dance

Group of cheerful young multiracial ladies laughing and dancing with beer bottles in hands during summer party on rooftop on sunny day

Dance to Halloween songs like "Thriller" or "Monster Mash." When the music stops, you have to freeze. Last one standing wins.

49. Halloween Would You Rather

Play a game of ‘Would You Rather’, but make it Halloween-themed. Would you rather spend the night in a haunted house or be lost in a dark forest?

50. Dead Man’s Treasure Hunt

Transform your workspace into a creepy landscape filled with "cursed" objects. Each team gets a set of clues leading to these haunted treasures scattered around the office. The twist? The clues are riddles or puzzles that need solving. The first team to find all the items and return to the "haunted base" is the winner.

That's a Wrap!

And there you have it! Fifty games to make sure your Halloween night is as entertaining as it is eerie. Happy haunting!

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