25 fun team-building activities for improving communication

Discover 25 dynamic team-building activities designed to enhance communication. From Human Knot to Bingo, there’s something to get every team talking.

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Oct 19, 2023
25 fun team-building activities for improving communication

Let's face it—teamwork makes the dream work. But even dream teams need to fine-tune their communication skills to reach their full potential. Buckle up, because we're about to dive into 25 fun team-building activities that promise to make your team chatterboxes—in the good way.

1. Two Truths and a Lie

Truth or dare is so last decade. With Two Truths and a Lie, you can go full Sherlock on your colleagues. A great way to uncover those hidden office novelists and finally get to know Stan from accounting.

How to Play:

Everyone writes down two true things about themselves and one fabricated fib. Each team member then reads their statements aloud while the rest play detective to pick out the lie.

Top Tip: Make it themed. How about two workplace achievements and a made-up one?

2. Human Knot

Remember when your headphone cords would mysteriously tangle in your pocket? Now imagine your team as those cords, only less frustrating.

How to Play:

Stand in a circle, extend your arms, and grab hold of two different people across from you. The goal? Untangle the human knot without releasing hands.

3. Charades

It's like Charades but without the wild gestures. Nothing shouts "communication" louder than mute acting.

How to Play:

Describe a word or phrase quickly enough for your team to guess it, but choose your words wisely; there’s no time to spare.

4. Escape Room

Think you’ve got what it takes to be Indiana Jones or Lara Croft? Prove it by cracking codes and solving riddles.

How to Play:

Divide into teams and get locked into a room filled with clues. Solve the clues to escape before the time runs out. The faster you escape, the better.

5. Pictionary

Artistic talent is optional, but a sense of humor is mandatory. You've never seen stick figures this intense.

How to Play:

Each team has a drawer who sketches a word from a predetermined list while the rest guess what it is within a time limit.

6. Zoom-In Game

Who knew that extreme close-ups could be so enlightening?

How to Play:

Show a zoomed-in photo of a common object. Teams write down their guesses. Reveal the full picture after everyone has guessed.

7. Blind Drawing

white printing paper

It's like Pictionary, but with a blindfold. Imagine drawing a cat while being blindfolded and guided only by verbal clues.

How to Play:

One person puts on a blindfold while their partner verbally describes an object they have to draw. No peeping allowed.

8. Mystery Writing

Ever wondered what it would be like to write an episode of "Lost"? Now’s your chance, only less confusing.

How to Play:

Each team member contributes one sentence to a story, but they only get to see the sentence directly before theirs.

9. Building Bridges

Do you have a team of aspiring architects? Even if you don't, this game will turn you into one.

How to Play:

Split into groups. Each group gets materials to build one section of a bridge. Once time is up, assemble the sections to see if they fit.

10. Scavenger Hunt

Think of it as an Easter Egg hunt for grown-ups, only the prizes are...well, not candy. Solve clues, find hidden objects, and unlock the secrets of your office space.

How to Play:

Divide your office crew into teams and hand out a list of clues or items they need to find around the office. Set a time limit, and let them loose—first team to find all items and return to base wins!

Now, if you're aiming to make the Office Scavenger Hunt truly unique, consider using our bingo card generator to produce custom bingo cards filled with scavenger hunt clues. It’s a nifty twist that pairs well with traditional team-building.

11. Silent Line-Up

In Silent Line-Up, your team turns into a mime troupe with a mission. The challenge? Achieving perfect order without uttering a word, proving actions do speak louder than words.

How to Play:

This game turns silence into a challenging art form. Team members have to line up in a specific order—height, birthday, you name it—without muttering a single word.

12. Minefield

Not as dangerous as it sounds, I promise. It's more of an obstacle course with a blindfold.

How to Play:

Objects are scattered in an open area. Blindfolded team members are guided by verbal instructions to avoid the objects.

13. Catchphrase

Charades is where your inner actor meets your outer game show contestant. Decode wild gestures and dramatic expressions as your teammates try to mime their way to victory, all while racing against the clock.

How to Play:

Players have to describe a word or phrase without actually saying it, while their teammates try to guess what it is.

14. Bingo

Bingo: where unpredictability meets sheer excitement. It's the perfect office game to test your luck and keen attention to detail while subtly sizing up your colleagues' competitive spirit. Call it what you want, but Bingo's a definite game-changer in office dynamics.

How to Play:

Players use bingo cards with various characteristics instead of numbers. For an updated twist, use a bingo card generator to tailor the cards to your team’s personality.

If you're looking to save some time, try one of our 1300 pre-made bingo card templates:

15. Memory Game

Just like the card game you played as a kid, only bigger and more grown-up. Sort of.

How to Play:

Objects are displayed briefly. Teams have to remember as many items as they can and list them out.

16. Hot Potato

Hot Potato for adults involves more strategy and less screaming. Childhood nostalgia meets office tension.

How to Play:

Pass around an "explosive" item until the music stops. Whoever's holding it must perform a goofy or serious task—your call!

17. Tower of Power

Grab your metaphorical hard hats; it's construction time! If your team can build a tower, they can build anything. Maybe.

How to Play:

Teams race against the clock to recreate a tower using random building materials. It's like LEGO for adults but with office supplies.

18. Broken Telephone

It's the game that shows you just how wrong things can go when the message gets lost in translation.

How to Play:

Start with a message at one end of the line. Each person whispers it to the next until it reaches the end. Compare the final message to the original.

19. Back-to-Back Drawing

You've got your Picasso, and you've got your critic. The catch? They can't see each other's work. Communication becomes the paintbrush that either creates a masterpiece or a hilarious disaster.

How to Play:

Partners sit back-to-back. One describes a picture or object, and the other draws it based only on the description.

20. 20 Questions

A classic game that's less about speed and more about depth: become detectives for a day without any crime scenes.

How to Play:

One team member thinks of something—anything, really—and the rest pepper them with yes-or-no questions until they crack the case.

21. Word Association

Unleash your inner linguist without even trying! In this quick-paced game, each word leads to another, taking your team on a wild lexical journey. Keep up or lose out!

How to Play:
One person says a word, and the next person says the first word that comes to mind. Continue around the circle as fast as possible.

22. Spyfall

It’s like Among Us but with less sabotage and more awkward questions.

How to Play:

Everyone knows the location except for one spy. Players ask each other questions to figure out who the spy is.

23. Beach Ball Toss

This isn't your average day at the beach. Expect lots of laughs, a few awkward moments, and some genuinely deep conversations.

How to Play:

Write down some questions on a beach ball. Toss the ball around. The catcher must answer the question their thumb lands on before throwing the ball to the next person.

24. Who Am I?

Forget existential crises. In this game, you get to be someone else and everyone's got to guess who you are. Like Halloween, but without the candy.

How to Play:

Players draw names of famous people and stick them to their foreheads without looking. Using yes-or-no questions, each player has to figure out who they are.

25. Pass the Story

Your team can craft the next big blockbuster or a cringe comedy—you won’t know until you try.

How to Play:

One person starts a story with one sentence. The next person adds on, and so forth. The catch? You only hear the last sentence before your turn.

Top Tip: Record the final story and play it back during a team meeting. It’s a guaranteed icebreaker.


There you have it—26 activities that are more than just a good time; they're a one-way ticket to a communicative, cohesive team. Whether your squad prefers word games or physical challenges, there's something here for everyone. A few laughs, some friendly competition, and a whole lot of improved communication. So go ahead, pick a game, and let the bonding begin!

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