45 fun Thanksgiving family games

Spice up Thanksgiving with 45 family-friendly games, from Pumpkin Pass to Corn Maze Challenge, ensuring a holiday brimming with laughter, bonding, and unforgettable memories!

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Nov 22, 2023
45 fun Thanksgiving family games

Get ready to gobble up some fun this Thanksgiving! It’s the perfect time to stir up some laughter and create lasting memories with family games that are a little zany, a bit wacky, and totally turkey-tastic. From classic twists to new favorites, these 45 games will turn your Thanksgiving into an epic festival of joy and jolliness.

So, loosen up those belts, make some room around the turkey, and let the games begin!

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1. Thanksgiving bingo

Transform bingo with a Thanksgiving feast of symbols! Watch Grandma get competitive over getting 'five turkeys in a row' – it’s the same old bingo with a delicious twist.

How to play

Play with Thanksgiving-themed bingo cards, calling out festive items instead of numbers.

Top tip: Short on time? Why not use of one of our pre-made Thanksgiving themed templates to get the festivities started!

2. Turkey tag

Embrace your creativity in a lively game where you become a walking work of art, resembling a vibrant turkey. This game is a unique blend of artistry and motion, inviting players to "tag" one another using vivid stickers. It's an entertaining method to spark creativity and encourage physical activity simultaneously.

How to Play:

Players adorn each other with stickers or colored dots, aiming to collectively craft a "turkey" masterpiece on each participant. This engaging activity promises to keep everyone on their feet, fostering both laughter and movement.

3. Gratitude guess who

Mix gratitude with mystery. You write down what you’re thankful for, others guess who said what. Spoiler: Everyone’s grateful for pie. This game not only brings laughter but also warms the heart as family members share and guess each other's thankful notes. It's a beautiful way to reflect on the good things and learn more about each other's gratitude.

How to play

Guess the author of each anonymous gratitude note. It's a beautiful way to understand and appreciate what matters most to your loved ones.

4. Pilgrim hat pictionary

Draw, laugh, and wear a pilgrim hat because... why not? It’s Pictionary with a side of silliness and a dash of history. This artistic game will have everyone sketching and guessing, with the added fun of donning a pilgrim hat for that Thanksgiving touch. It's a creative and joyous way to celebrate the holiday spirit.

How to play

Draw Thanksgiving-themed prompts while others guess, donning a pilgrim hat for artistic inspiration. It's a game that combines creativity with a lot of laughs.

5. Corn husk relay

Race to husk corn – it’s chaotic, it’s messy, and it’s surprisingly competitive. Winner gets bragging rights and maybe the first slice of pie. Teams race against each other and the clock, turning corn husking into a thrilling competition. It's a perfect blend of teamwork and fun, making pre-dinner prep an exciting event.

How to play

Husk corn fast in a relay race format. Pass the husk baton! It's perfect for outdoor fun and can get quite competitive among the participants.

6. Pumpkin roll

Race to husk corn – it’s chaotic, it’s messy, and it’s surprisingly competitive. Winner gets bragging rights and maybe the first slice of pie. Teams race against each other and the clock, turning corn husking into a thrilling competition. It's a perfect blend of teamwork and fun, making pre-dinner prep an exciting event.

How to play

Compete to see whose pumpkin can roll the furthest or fastest. This game is ideal for all ages and adds a touch of farm-inspired fun.

7. Gobble gobble trivia

Test your turkey trivia! From Pilgrims to pumpkin pie, it’s a brain game that’ll make you feel smarter than your average turkey. Challenge each other's knowledge about Thanksgiving's history, traditions, and fun facts. This game is perfect for those who love a good quiz and want to learn a bit more about the holiday.

How to play

Answer Thanksgiving-themed trivia questions. No peeking at the answers! This game is perfect for after-dinner entertainment and can be played in teams or individually.

8. Feather float

Keep the feather up with nothing but hot air! It’s a giggle-fest of floating feathers and puffed cheeks. This light-hearted game is ideal for all ages and brings about bouts of laughter as everyone tries to keep their feather afloat. It’s a whimsical challenge that tests your breath control and timing.

How to play

Use your breath to keep a feather floating in the air. It's an excellent game for players of all ages and can be surprisingly challenging.

9. Turkey bowling

It’s bowling with a pumpkin and squash! Strike or spare, it’s the wackiest alley you’ve ever seen. Transform your backyard into a makeshift bowling lane with this quirky twist on bowling. It's a fantastic way to get everyone involved and cheering, whether they're rolling the pumpkin or setting up the 'pins.'

How to play

Knock down squash ‘pins’ with a pumpkin ‘ball’. No rental shoes required. It’s perfect for outdoor fun and can be set up in the backyard or driveway.

10. Thankful alphabet game

A to Z of thankfulness. Apple pie, Bedtime stories... find out what Z brings! Go around the table or living room, with each person coming up with something they’re thankful for that matches their letter. It's a fun way to express gratitude and get creative with words.

How to play

Name something you’re thankful for, following the alphabet. It’s a great game to play around the dinner table and can involve participants of all ages.

11. Pilgrim's progress

Dash through an obstacle course of Pilgrim perils and New World wonders. It’s historical, hysterical, and a bit of a workout. Create a series of fun, themed obstacles that everyone can enjoy, whether they’re jumping over ‘logs’ or crawling under ‘ropes.’ It's an active and imaginative way to bring some history into play.

How to play

Navigate through a Thanksgiving-themed obstacle course as quickly as possible.

12. Stuff the turkey

A race against time to stuff a turkey with... balloons? It’s as funny as it sounds and twice as challenging. This hilarious game is not only a race against the clock but also a test of dexterity. It's perfect for a bit of goofy competition and lots of laughs.

How to play

Stuff a turkey cut-out full of balloons. Fastest stuffer is the champ! It's perfect for indoor fun and can be a hilarious spectacle for all.

13. Cranberry spoon race

Balance that cranberry! It’s a wobbly race of concentration and cranberry prowess. This classic game with a Thanksgiving twist requires steady hands and calm nerves. It’s a simple yet challenging activity that brings a lot of excitement and a few spills.

How to play

Race with a cranberry on a spoon. Drop it, and it’s back to the start! It’s a simple and classic game that brings a Thanksgiving twist to the mix.

14. Mayflower memory game

Match Pilgrims and turkeys in this memory-mashing card flipper. It’s a test of memory with a Mayflower twist. Flip over cards to find matching Thanksgiving-themed images, perfect for younger players and those young at heart. It's a great way to test and improve your memory skills while having fun.

How to play

Find matching pairs of Thanksgiving-themed cards. It's a great game to keep the kids entertained while the adults enjoy some downtime.

15. Turkey tag art

Channel your inner artist in a game of tag that leaves you looking like a turkey masterpiece. Stickers and giggles included. This creative game combines art and physical activity, as players try to tag each other with colorful stickers. It’s a delightful way to get creative and active at the same time.

How to play

Tag each other with stickers or colored dots to create a turkey masterpiece. It’s a fantastic way to get everyone moving and laughing.

16. Harvest hopscotch

Hopscotch with a harvest theme! Jump over pumpkins, around cornucopias, and land on a turkey. It’s old school fun with a Thanksgiving twist. Design a custom hopscotch layout with symbols and icons of the season, making this traditional game a festive affair. It’s perfect for outdoor fun and can be easily tailored for different age groups.

How to play

Play hopscotch with a course designed around Thanksgiving icons. It's easy to set up and can be played indoors or outdoors.

17. Pilgrim charades

Act out pilgrim life, turkey trots, or the process of making pumpkin pie. It’s charades where Thanksgiving is the star. Get everyone involved in this classic game of pantomime and guessing, sparking laughter and creativity as you act out various Thanksgiving scenes and traditions.

How to play

Act out Thanksgiving-themed prompts without speaking. Guesses and laughs abound! It's an excellent game for the whole family to join in after the feast.

18. Pumpkin pie eating contest

Who can eat pumpkin pie the fastest without using their hands? It’s messy, it’s silly, and there’s pie. Everyone wins! This contest is a hilarious spectacle, sure to draw laughs and cheers as participants dive face-first into delicious pumpkin pie. It's a messy but memorable part of any Thanksgiving gathering.

How to play

Devour a slice of pumpkin pie as fast as you can, hands-free. It's a messy and laughter-filled competition that's sure to be a highlight of the day.

19. Turkey trot dance-off

Bust a move, turkey style! It’s a dance-off with all the Thanksgiving flair. Who knew turkeys had such moves? Show off your best dance moves in this lively competition. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just there for the fun, it's a great way to shake off some of that Thanksgiving feast.

How to play

Compete in a dance-off, strutting your best turkey-inspired moves. It's a great way to get the whole family grooving and enjoying some lighthearted competition.

20. Gravy boat races

Race miniature boats in a tub of water (gravy not recommended). It’s nautical fun on a tiny scale. This imaginative game brings a bit of the high seas to your Thanksgiving. It's a fun and simple way for participants of all ages to engage in some friendly competition.

How to play

Race tiny boats in water, first to cross the finish line wins. It can be played indoors or outdoors and is perfect for family members of all ages.

21. Pie in the sky

Toss fake pies (or soft toys) into baskets. It’s a throw game where pie is the prize and the projectile. Hone your aim and enjoy some laughs as you see who has the best pie-tossing skills. It's a game that's easy to set up and endlessly entertaining.

How to play

Throw ‘pies’ into baskets from a distance. Highest score wins. It's a fun and safe game for kids and adults alike, with lots of cheering and encouragement.

22. Turkey feather hunt

It’s a scavenger hunt for turkey feathers hidden around the house or yard. Who will find the most plumage? This game is great for kids and adults alike, turning your space into a hunting ground for colorful feathers. It's a playful way to explore and enjoy some friendly competition.

How to play

Hunt for hidden feathers – the more you find, the better your chances.

23. Mayflower sailors

Navigate a small boat across a ‘sea’ of blue fabric using only fans. It’s a test of sea legs and sailor skills. This game requires teamwork and strategy, as players use fans to propel their boats across the 'sea.' It's an inventive and engaging activity for all ages.

How to play

Players use hand fans to propel a small boat across a makeshift sea. The first one to reach the opposite shore wins.

24. Corn cob toss

Toss corn cobs into buckets or hoops. It’s like cornhole, but with actual corn. Corny? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely. Perfect for outdoor fun, this game tests your aim and provides a hearty dose of farm-style entertainment. It's a simple yet addictive game that everyone can enjoy.

How to play

Set up buckets or hoops at varying distances. Players toss corn cobs, aiming to get them into the targets for points.

25. Apple bobbing bonanza

The classic game of bobbing for apples gets a Thanksgiving spin. Just try not to get too wet! Dive into this timeless autumn activity that's both challenging and refreshing. It's a great way to bring some old-fashioned fun to your Thanksgiving festivities.

How to play

Fill a large basin with water and apples. Players try to catch an apple using only their mouths, no hands allowed!

26. Turkey tail tag

Attach ‘turkey tails’ (ribbons or cloth) to each player. The game? Try to collect as many tails as possible. This active game is a hilarious sight to behold, as players try to snatch tails while protecting their own. It's a great way to get everyone up and moving.

How to play

Each player tries to snatch the ribbons from others’ backs while protecting their own. The player with the most tails at the end wins.

27. Harvest bingo

Bingo, but each square is a symbol of the harvest season. Corn, apples, pumpkins – get ready to shout ‘Harvest!’ This game brings a new level of excitement to bingo, with each square revealing a delightful autumnal symbol. It's a great way to celebrate the harvest season.

How to play

Use cards with images of harvest items instead of numbers. Mark off items as they're called out until someone gets a full line or pattern.

Top tip: Check out some of our pre-made harvest-themed bingo templates below!

28. Pumpkin patch memory match

Find the matching pumpkins in a field of upside-down cards. It’s a memory game that’s perfectly pumpkin-spiced. Flip cards to find matching pairs of pumpkin images. This game tests your memory and brings a smile with its charming pumpkin theme.

How to play

Players take turns flipping over cards to find matching pairs of pumpkin and other Thanksgiving-themed images.

29. Squash sculpture

Who can build the tallest squash sculpture? It’s a balancing act of gourds and giggles. This game encourages creativity and concentration and is a great way to use those decorative squashes and gourds.

How to play

Stack different types of squash and gourds on top of each other. The tallest, stable structure wins.

30. Pilgrim’s quest

A Thanksgiving-themed treasure hunt. Follow clues to find the hidden ‘New World’ treasure – it could be anything from candy to a plush turkey! This adventure is perfect for keeping everyone engaged and moving around, and it's a great way to bring the history of Thanksgiving to life.

How to play

Create a series of clues leading to hidden items or a final treasure. Players follow the clues to find the hidden ‘New World’ treasure.

31. Stuffing scramble

It’s a word game where ‘stuffing’ is the theme. How many words can you make from the letters in ‘stuffing’? Not only is it a test of your linguistic skills, but it's also a great way to engage everyone in a brain-teasing challenge.

How to play

Challenge players to create as many words as they can from the letters in ‘stuffing’. The player with the most words wins.

32. Turkey trot obstacle course

Set up an obstacle course in the yard. Bonus points if you waddle through it like a turkey! It’s a great way to get everyone up and moving and can be tailored to different ages and skill levels.

How to play

Players must navigate through a series of obstacles, including hurdles, crawling spaces, and balancing challenges, with a Thanksgiving twist.

33. Pumpkin pie puzzles

Puzzle pieces are hidden around; the goal is to find them and complete the pumpkin pie picture. Ready, set, puzzle! This is perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and adds a creative twist to the traditional jigsaw puzzle.

How to play

Hide puzzle pieces throughout the house or yard. Players find and assemble the pieces to complete a Thanksgiving-themed puzzle.

34. Cranberry bounce

Bounce cranberries into jars – it’s a test of aim and bounce-ability. May the steadiest hand win! This game is not only fun but also a fantastic way to test your hand-eye coordination.

How to play

Set up jars at different distances. Players bounce cranberries off a table or surface aiming to land them in the jars.

35. Feather duster dash

Race while holding a feather duster between your knees. It’s a dash of silliness and a test of balance. This hilarious race will surely be a hit, especially with the kids, and might just become a new Thanksgiving tradition.

How to play

Players race from one point to another while keeping a feather duster clamped between their knees. Dropping it means starting over!

36. Pilgrim portraits

Strike a pose and sketch each other as Pilgrims or turkeys. It's part drawing, part guessing, and all fun. This game brings out the artistic side in everyone and is a great way to create lasting memories.

How to play

Take turns drawing a family member dressed up as a Pilgrim or turkey. Others guess who's being drawn. The funnier the better!

37. Pumpkin pass

Pass a small pumpkin around as music plays. When the music stops, don't be the one holding the pumpkin! It's a delightful twist on hot potato, sure to bring out the giggles and gasps as the music slows down.

How to play

As the music plays, pass the pumpkin. When the music stops, the person holding the pumpkin is out. Keep going until one winner remains.

38. Turkey waddle race

Everyone mimics a turkey's waddle in this hilarious relay race. Waddling as fast as you can, while trying not to laugh or fall, is harder than it looks. This game will have everyone in stitches as they watch family members try their best turkey impersonations.

How to play

Players race to the finish line, waddling like a turkey. The first to cross the finish line without falling or breaking character wins.

39. Thanksgiving word scramble

Scramble up Thanksgiving-related words and challenge your family to unscramble them. It's a brain teaser that's perfect for the word buffs in the family and a great way to settle down and relax after the excitement of the day.

How to play

Unscramble scrambled Thanksgiving words. The fastest or most accurate unscrambler wins, with extra points for speed and creativity.

40. Leaf pile leap

Jump into a pile of leaves and find hidden items. This game is a great way to enjoy the autumn weather and get kids (and adults who are young at heart) outside and playing in the crisp fall air.

How to play

Hide items in a leaf pile. Players jump in to find as many items as they can. The one with the most finds wins.

41. Harvest haiku

Compose Thanksgiving-themed haikus. It's a quieter, more reflective game, perfect for a moment of calm in the midst of a bustling holiday. It encourages everyone to think creatively and share their thoughts in a poetic format.

How to play

Create a 5-7-5 syllable haiku about Thanksgiving. Share with the group and enjoy the variety of poetic expressions.

42. Gratitude circle

Everyone shares something they're grateful for. It's a heartwarming game that reminds us of the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

How to play

Gather in a circle and share something you're thankful for. It's a great way to foster warmth and gratitude among all.

43. Pumpkin spice and everything nice

Blind taste test various pumpkin-spiced treats. It's a delightful way to indulge in the flavors of the season and see who has the most discerning palate when it comes to the beloved taste of pumpkin spice.

How to play

Blindfold players and have them taste and guess different pumpkin-spiced items. The most accurate taste tester wins.

44. Turkey hunt

Hide small turkey figurines around the house or yard. It's like an Easter egg hunt, but with turkeys!

How to play

Search for hidden turkey figures. The one who finds the most turkeys wins a special Thanksgiving-themed prize.

45. Corn maze challenge

Navigate through a homemade corn maze. It's an imaginative game that brings a bit of country charm to your backyard. Designing and navigating the maze can be as much fun as the challenge itself.

How to play

Create a small corn maze and challenge players to find their way through. The fastest navigator wins bragging rights.


With these 45 games, your Thanksgiving is set to be a cornucopia of fun, laughter, and cherished family moments. From the active and silly to the thoughtful and creative, there's something in this list for every family member to enjoy. So, let the games begin, and make this Thanksgiving one for the memory books – filled with joy, laughter, and perhaps a new family tradition or two!

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