500+ this or that questions

Discover the ultimate “This or That” questions for every occasion! From kids to adults, foodies to fitness fans, and everything in between, spark fun conversations and lively debates with these curated lists.

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May 28, 2024
500+ this or that questions

Let's face it, sometimes you just need a quick, fun way to break the ice or liven up a gathering. Enter "This or That" questions! Perfect for any occasion, these questions can spark laughter, debate, and even a bit of insight into the quirks of your friends, family, or colleagues. Whether you're hosting a virtual game night, a festive holiday gathering, or simply looking to up your conversation game, we've got you covered.

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How to use this or that questions

Playing "This or That" is simple. Present two options, and participants pick their preference. You can go around in a circle, take turns, or even shout out answers simultaneously for some chaotic fun. To make it even more engaging, follow these tips:

  • Keep the pace quick: Snappy decisions often lead to the funniest responses.
  • Encourage honesty: The more genuine the answers, the better the game.
  • Mix it up: Alternate between light-hearted and more thought-provoking questions.

If you're looking for a more structured way to play, we recommend using our This or That bingo card! It pairs perfectly with a game of human bingo, where players must find someone who picks their same answers to mark off spots on their card.

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Did you know you can use our Bingo Card Creator to customize these questions into a printable bingo game? It's a surefire way to add an interactive twist to your event.

Kids' this or that questions

Unicorns or fairies?
  1. Chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream?
  2. Cats or dogs?
  3. Superman or Batman?
  4. Summer or winter?
  5. Drawing or painting?
  6. Reading a book or watching a movie?
  7. Play in the park or play video games?
  8. Cookies or cake?
  9. Dinosaurs or dragons?
  10. Space or ocean?
  11. Unicorns or fairies?
  12. Legos or puzzles?
  13. Swimming or running?
  14. Robots or aliens?
  15. Pirates or knights?
  16. Spaghetti or pizza?
  17. Jungle or desert?
  18. Big city or small town?
  19. Roller coasters or bumper cars?
  20. Hide and seek or tag?

Funny this or that questions

have a pet dinosaur or a pet dragon
  1. Be a superhero or a villain?
  2. Talk to animals or speak all human languages?
  3. Always have to sing or always have to dance?
  4. Eat a bug or eat a worm?
  5. Always be 10 minutes late or 20 minutes early?
  6. Have a pet dinosaur or a pet dragon?
  7. Wear clown shoes or a clown wig every day?
  8. Only eat spicy food or only eat bland food?
  9. Always whisper or always shout?
  10. Be invisible or be able to fly?
  11. Have a third arm or a third leg?
  12. Never stop sneezing or never stop hiccuping?
  13. Always be hot or always be cold?
  14. Be a giant hamster or a tiny rhino?
  15. Wear a tuxedo everywhere or pajamas everywhere?
  16. Live in a world without ice cream or without pizza?
  17. Have bad breath or smelly feet?
  18. Only be able to laugh or only be able to cry?
  19. Always have to skip instead of walk or sing instead of talk?
  20. Have a time machine or a teleportation device?

Couples' and dating this or that questions

chocolate or flowers
  1. Romantic dinner or movie date?
  2. Beach vacation or mountain retreat?
  3. Night in or night out?
  4. Netflix or Hulu?
  5. Wine or beer?
  6. Sunrise or sunset?
  7. Texting or calling?
  8. Dancing or singing?
  9. Fancy restaurant or food truck?
  10. Board games or video games?
  11. Cooking together or ordering takeout?
  12. Broadway show or concert?
  13. Camping or hotel stay?
  14. Big party or small gathering?
  15. Shopping or hiking?
  16. Chocolate or flowers?
  17. Picnic or BBQ?
  18. Road trip or flying?
  19. Matching outfits or unique styles?
  20. Ice skating or roller skating?

Christmas this or that questions

christmas eve or christmas morning
  1. Real tree or artificial tree?
  2. Hot cocoa or eggnog?
  3. Gingerbread cookies or sugar cookies?
  4. White lights or colored lights?
  5. Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?
  6. Wrapping presents or unwrapping presents?
  7. Snowman or snow angels?
  8. Elf or reindeer?
  9. Silent night or jingle bells?
  10. Stockings or presents?
  11. Ugly sweater or fancy dress?
  12. Christmas movies or Christmas music?
  13. Secret Santa or White Elephant?
  14. Baking cookies or making crafts?
  15. Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus?
  16. Gift card or homemade gift?
  17. Poinsettias or mistletoe?
  18. Caroling or watching a show?
  19. Holiday party or quiet night in?
  20. Ice skating or sledding?

Adults' this or that questions

mountains or beach
  1. Morning person or night owl?
  2. Coffee or tea?
  3. Wine or beer?
  4. City life or country life?
  5. Reading a book or watching a movie?
  6. Early bird or night owl?
  7. Cash or credit?
  8. Cooking or ordering out?
  9. Mountains or beach?
  10. Red wine or white wine?
  11. Shopping in-store or online shopping?
  12. Phone call or text message?
  13. Big party or small gathering?
  14. Comedy or drama?
  15. High heels or flats?
  16. Road trip or flight?
  17. Concert or theater?
  18. Work from home or office?
  19. Antique or modern furniture?
  20. Fine dining or fast food?

Teens' this or that questions

go out or stay in
  1. Instagram or Snapchat?
  2. Texting or talking?
  3. Pizza or burgers?
  4. Netflix or YouTube?
  5. Sneakers or sandals?
  6. TikTok or Instagram Reels?
  7. Study alone or with friends?
  8. Hoodie or jacket?
  9. Video games or board games?
  10. Concert or amusement park?
  11. Jeans or leggings?
  12. Fast food or home-cooked meal?
  13. Summer break or winter break?
  14. Laptop or tablet?
  15. Hang out at the mall or the park?
  16. Rock music or pop music?
  17. Go out or stay in?
  18. Friends or family?
  19. Early bird or night owl?
  20. Makeup or no makeup?

Food this or that questions

chocolate or vanilla
  1. Sweet or salty?
  2. Spicy or mild?
  3. Breakfast or dinner?
  4. Apple or orange?
  5. Cake or pie?
  6. Ketchup or mustard?
  7. Chocolate or vanilla?
  8. Coffee or tea?
  9. Burger or hot dog?
  10. Pizza or pasta?
  11. Fries or onion rings?
  12. Pancakes or waffles?
  13. Tacos or burritos?
  14. Ice cream or gelato?
  15. Smoothie or milkshake?
  16. Sushi or ramen?
  17. Salad or soup?
  18. Chips or pretzels?
  19. Regular or diet soda?
  20. Cooking or baking?

Work this or that questions

deadlines or flexibility
  1. Work from home or work in the office?
  2. Emails or phone calls?
  3. Teamwork or solo work?
  4. Early morning or late night shift?
  5. Coffee break or lunch break?
  6. Formal attire or casual wear?
  7. Open office or private cubicle?
  8. Meetings or emails?
  9. High salary or job satisfaction?
  10. Commute by car or public transportation?
  11. Freelance or full-time?
  12. Office parties or team-building activities?
  13. Leadership role or supportive role?
  14. Brainstorming or execution?
  15. Deadlines or flexibility?
  16. Detailed planning or spontaneous decisions?
  17. Office chair or standing desk?
  18. Professional training or self-learning?
  19. Long hours or fixed hours?
  20. Multitask or focus on one task?

Thanksgiving this or that questions

pumpkin spice or cinnamon
  1. Turkey or ham?
  2. Pumpkin pie or apple pie?
  3. Stuffing or mashed potatoes?
  4. Green beans or corn?
  5. Cranberry sauce or gravy?
  6. Watching football or watching the parade?
  7. Homemade or store-bought?
  8. Hosting or attending?
  9. Black Friday shopping or Cyber Monday shopping?
  10. Casual dress or formal attire?
  11. Cooking or cleaning up?
  12. Pumpkin spice or cinnamon?
  13. Cornbread or rolls?
  14. Sweet potatoes or regular potatoes?
  15. Salad or soup?
  16. Traditional recipes or new ones?
  17. Family games or family movies?
  18. Long table or round table?
  19. White meat or dark meat?
  20. Early meal or late meal?

Summer this or that questions

lemonade or iced tea
  1. Beach or pool?
  2. Ice cream or popsicles?
  3. Sandals or sneakers?
  4. BBQ or picnic?
  5. Sunglasses or hat?
  6. Watermelon or strawberries?
  7. Hiking or biking?
  8. Sunscreen or shade?
  9. Road trip or staycation?
  10. Fishing or boating?
  11. Fireworks or sparklers?
  12. Lemonade or iced tea?
  13. Swimsuit or shorts?
  14. Camping or glamping?
  15. Flip-flops or water shoes?
  16. Concerts or festivals?
  17. Air conditioning or fans?
  18. Surfing or paddleboarding?
  19. Ice cream cone or ice cream cup?
  20. Rollerblading or skateboarding?

Halloween this or that questions

chocolate or candy corn
  1. Trick or treat?
  2. Ghosts or goblins?
  3. Witches or vampires?
  4. Haunted house or corn maze?
  5. Scary movie or comedy?
  6. Candy corn or chocolate?
  7. Costume party or movie marathon?
  8. Bobbing for apples or carving pumpkins?
  9. Spooky decorations or cute decorations?
  10. Black cats or owls?
  11. Hayride or haunted trail?
  12. Face paint or mask?
  13. Halloween parade or Halloween party?
  14. Fake blood or fake spiders?
  15. Mummies or zombies?
  16. Midnight or dusk?
  17. Skeletons or monsters?
  18. Creepy clown or spooky witch?
  19. Full moon or new moon?
  20. Spider webs or bats?

Spring this or that questions

butterflies or bees
  1. Tulips or daffodils?
  2. Rain or shine?
  3. Picnics or hikes?
  4. Warm weather or cool breeze?
  5. Butterflies or bees?
  6. Easter eggs or Easter bunnies?
  7. Spring cleaning or gardening?
  8. Birds chirping or frogs croaking?
  9. Flower crowns or headbands?
  10. Bright colors or pastel colors?
  11. Rain boots or sneakers?
  12. Allergies or no allergies?
  13. Planting flowers or planting vegetables?
  14. Spring break or summer break?
  15. Morning dew or evening mist?
  16. Light jacket or sweater?
  17. Open windows or air conditioning?
  18. Walk in the park or run in the park?
  19. Blossoming trees or fresh green grass?
  20. Outdoor concert or indoor concert?

Winter this or that questions

warm socks or cozy blanket
  1. Snowball fight or building a snowman?
  2. Hot chocolate or warm apple cider?
  3. Skiing or snowboarding?
  4. Warm socks or cozy blanket?
  5. Fireplace or heater?
  6. Sledding or ice skating?
  7. Mittens or gloves?
  8. Snow day or sunny winter day?
  9. Winter boots or regular shoes?
  10. Christmas or New Year?
  11. Snow angels or snow forts?
  12. Soup or stew?
  13. Early mornings or late nights?
  14. Winter hike or indoor gym?
  15. Gingerbread cookies or chocolate chip cookies?
  16. Hats or earmuffs?
  17. Crisp cold air or heavy snowflakes?
  18. Evergreen trees or bare branches?
  19. Staying in or going out?
  20. Flannel pajamas or fleece pajamas?

This or that questions for friends

netflix binge or outdoor adventure
  1. Movie night or game night?
  2. Coffee shop or bar?
  3. Camping trip or beach vacation?
  4. Group chat or one-on-one?
  5. Surprise party or planned event?
  6. Karaoke or dance party?
  7. Road trip or fly somewhere?
  8. Sharing secrets or giving advice?
  9. Netflix binge or outdoor adventure?
  10. Hugs or high fives?
  11. Cook dinner together or order in?
  12. Roller coasters or bumper cars?
  13. Shopping spree or hiking trail?
  14. Comedy club or concert?
  15. Board games or card games?
  16. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
  17. Pizza night or burger night?
  18. Late-night talks or early morning walks?
  19. Road trip or staycation?
  20. Matching tattoos or friendship bracelets?

This or that questions for students

group projects or solo projects
  1. Study group or study alone?
  2. Morning classes or evening classes?
  3. Multiple choice or essay exams?
  4. Online classes or in-person classes?
  5. Homework or projects?
  6. Reading or writing?
  7. Science or history?
  8. Math or English?
  9. Flashcards or notes?
  10. School lunch or packed lunch?
  11. Short breaks or long breaks?
  12. Bus ride or car ride?
  13. School uniform or casual clothes?
  14. Group projects or solo projects?
  15. Quiet library or busy coffee shop for studying?
  16. Extra credit or less homework?
  17. School dance or sports event?
  18. Teacher's pet or class clown?
  19. Field trip or guest speaker?
  20. Pop quiz or scheduled test?

Hard this or that questions

know all the world's secrets or live with no worries
  1. Always know when someone is lying or always get away with lying?
  2. Lose your sight or lose your memories?
  3. Be rich and lonely or poor and happy?
  4. Always be 10 minutes late or always be 20 minutes early?
  5. Never feel pain or never feel fear?
  6. Live without music or live without television?
  7. Only eat savory food or only eat sweet food?
  8. Be famous for something bad or be forgotten?
  9. Have a time machine or a teleportation device?
  10. Always have to shout or always have to whisper?
  11. Never be able to read or never be able to write?
  12. Live in the past or live in the future?
  13. Know all the world's secrets or live with no worries?
  14. End world hunger or stop all wars?
  15. Have one wish granted now or three wishes in 10 years?
  16. Always be cold or always be hot?
  17. Never be able to laugh or never be able to cry?
  18. Be completely alone for 5 years or never be alone for 5 years?
  19. Lose your sense of taste or your sense of touch?
  20. Be able to fly or be invisible?

Dirty this or that questions (appropriate for adults)

massage or being massaged
  1. Shower together or bath together?
  2. Spontaneous or planned intimacy?
  3. Quiet and slow or loud and fast?
  4. Lights on or lights off?
  5. Romantic getaway or a staycation in bed?
  6. Holding hands or making out in public?
  7. Role-playing or costumes?
  8. Sweet talk or dirty talk?
  9. Morning sex or night sex?
  10. Cuddling or sleeping separately?
  11. Massage or being massaged?
  12. Kissing or touching?
  13. Whipped cream or chocolate syrup?
  14. Bedroom or somewhere adventurous?
  15. Quickie or all-night marathon?
  16. Using toys or no toys?
  17. Sexy lingerie or nothing at all?
  18. Kissing neck or kissing ears?
  19. Scratching or biting?
  20. Watching or being watched?

Creative this or that questions

designing or decorating
  1. Paint or draw?
  2. Write poetry or write stories?
  3. Digital art or traditional art?
  4. Dance or sing?
  5. Play an instrument or listen to music?
  6. Make jewelry or sew clothes?
  7. Sculpting or painting?
  8. DIY projects or buying new items?
  9. Photography or videography?
  10. Knitting or crocheting?
  11. Cooking or baking?
  12. Designing or decorating?
  13. Acting or directing?
  14. Playing in a band or singing solo?
  15. Creating a comic or writing a novel?
  16. Origami or scrapbooking?
  17. Crafting or woodworking?
  18. Learning calligraphy or learning to paint?
  19. Writing a blog or vlogging?
  20. Making candles or making soap?

This or that questions for foodies

fast food or gourmet meal
  1. Fine dining or street food?
  2. Sweet or savory?
  3. Spicy or mild?
  4. Italian or Mexican cuisine?
  5. Breakfast or dinner?
  6. Sushi or pizza?
  7. Homemade or takeout?
  8. Wine or beer?
  9. Cooking or baking?
  10. Vegan or vegetarian?
  11. Tacos or burgers?
  12. Coffee or tea?
  13. Chocolate or vanilla?
  14. Salad or soup?
  15. Smoothie or milkshake?
  16. Fast food or gourmet meal?
  17. Cheese platter or dessert?
  18. Appetizer or dessert?
  19. Dine-in or delivery?
  20. Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

This or that questions for fitness fans

pre-workout or post-workout
  1. Cardio or strength training?
  2. Yoga or Pilates?
  3. Running or cycling?
  4. Free weights or machines?
  5. Morning workout or evening workout?
  6. Group classes or solo workouts?
  7. Protein shake or protein bar?
  8. Treadmill or outdoor run?
  9. HIIT or steady-state cardio?
  10. Swimming or hiking?
  11. Gym or home workout?
  12. Personal trainer or self-guided?
  13. Pre-workout or post-workout?
  14. Stretching or foam rolling?
  15. Low-carb or high-protein diet?
  16. Rest day or active recovery?
  17. Dumbbells or kettlebells?
  18. Leg day or arm day?
  19. Jump rope or jumping jacks?
  20. Marathon or triathlon?

This or that questions for book lovers

morning reading or night reading
  1. E-book or physical book?
  2. Fiction or non-fiction?
  3. Mystery or romance?
  4. Series or standalone?
  5. Paperback or hardcover?
  6. Morning reading or night reading?
  7. Library or bookstore?
  8. Bookmarks or dog-eared pages?
  9. Silent reading or audiobook?
  10. Classic literature or contemporary fiction?
  11. Poetry or prose?
  12. Fantasy or sci-fi?
  13. Reading at home or reading in a cafe?
  14. Historical fiction or modern fiction?
  15. Annotating books or keeping them pristine?
  16. Reading on the couch or reading in bed?
  17. Long books or short books?
  18. Book club or solo reading?
  19. Movie adaptation or TV series adaptation?
  20. Reading challenge or reading for leisure?

This or that questions for road trips

Long drives or frequent stops?
  1. Music or podcasts?
  2. Scenic route or fastest route?
  3. Snacks or meals?
  4. Early start or late start?
  5. Mountains or beach?
  6. Solo trip or group trip?
  7. Tent camping or hotel stays?
  8. Maps or GPS?
  9. Roadside attractions or straight to the destination?
  10. Window seat or aisle seat?
  11. Long drives or frequent stops?
  12. Day driving or night driving?
  13. Historical sites or natural wonders?
  14. Car games or quiet time?
  15. Local cuisine or packed food?
  16. Warm climate or cold climate?
  17. Short trip or long trip?
  18. Gas station snacks or homemade snacks?
  19. Planning every detail or winging it?
  20. Traveling with pets or no pets?

This or that questions for families

pizza night or taco night
  1. Game night or movie night?
  2. Cooking together or ordering take-out?
  3. Indoor activities or outdoor activities?
  4. Family vacation or staycation?
  5. Board games or video games?
  6. Reading stories or telling stories?
  7. Beach or mountains?
  8. Pizza night or taco night?
  9. Amusement park or zoo?
  10. Camping or hotel stay?
  11. Theme park or water park?
  12. Homemade gifts or store-bought gifts?
  13. Picnics or dining out?
  14. Museums or movies?
  15. Going to the park or staying home?
  16. Ice cream or pie?
  17. Road trip or flying?
  18. Celebrating holidays at home or traveling?
  19. DIY crafts or store-bought?
  20. Watching sports or playing sports?

Weird this or that questions

wear a clown nose or wear clown shoes every day
  1. Eat a snail or eat a bug?
  2. Have three eyes or two noses?
  3. Always have to sprint or always have to walk backwards?
  4. Speak in rhymes or sing everything?
  5. Only be able to speak in questions or only be able to speak in movie quotes?
  6. Only eat green foods or only eat red foods?
  7. Have a pet tiger or a pet sloth?
  8. Live in a cave or live in a treehouse?
  9. Always have to hop or always have to crawl?
  10. Wear a clown nose or wear clown shoes every day?
  11. Be a giant hamster or a microscopic elephant?
  12. Speak every language fluently or play every instrument perfectly?
  13. Always be itchy or always feel like you need to sneeze?
  14. Only be able to whisper or only be able to shout?
  15. Have a tail or have wings but can’t fly?
  16. Swim in jello or swim in pudding?
  17. Always wear wet socks or always wear shoes without socks?
  18. Only be able to listen to one song forever or never be able to listen to music again?
  19. Have a unicorn horn or a monkey tail?
  20. Only eat raw food or only eat burnt food?

This or that questions for gamers

strategy or arcade games
  1. PC gaming or console gaming?
  2. Single-player or multiplayer?
  3. RPGs or FPS games?
  4. Adventure or simulation?
  5. Action or puzzle games?
  6. Old-school games or latest releases?
  7. VR or AR?
  8. Strategy or arcade games?
  9. Mobile gaming or handheld consoles?
  10. Physical copies or digital downloads?
  11. Streaming games or recording gameplay?
  12. First-person or third-person perspective?
  13. Playing for fun or playing competitively?
  14. Streaming on Twitch or YouTube?
  15. Local co-op or online multiplayer?
  16. Customizing characters or following storylines?
  17. Sandbox games or linear games?
  18. Turn-based or real-time strategy?
  19. Playing with friends or playing with strangers?
  20. Modding games or playing them as-is?

This or that questions for movie fans

superheroes or villains
  1. Action or comedy?
  2. Horror or romance?
  3. Sci-fi or fantasy?
  4. Watching at home or going to the theater?
  5. Popcorn or candy?
  6. Subtitles or dubbing?
  7. Movie marathon or single film?
  8. Old classics or new releases?
  9. Independent films or blockbusters?
  10. Documentaries or mockumentaries?
  11. Animated or live-action?
  12. Superheroes or villains?
  13. Cult classics or mainstream hits?
  14. Silent films or foreign films?
  15. Watching alone or with friends?
  16. 2D or 3D movies?
  17. Biopics or historical dramas?
  18. Movie soundtrack or score?
  19. Director's cut or theatrical release?
  20. Streaming services or DVDs/Blu-rays?

This or that questions for travelers

visiting historical sites or modern attractions
  1. Exploring cities or exploring nature?
  2. Backpacking or luxury travel?
  3. Solo travel or group travel?
  4. Travel for adventure or travel for relaxation?
  5. Staying in hostels or staying in hotels?
  6. Guided tours or self-guided tours?
  7. Visiting historical sites or modern attractions?
  8. Packing light or packing heavy?
  9. Souvenirs or photographs?
  10. Travel by plane or travel by train?
  11. Visiting tourist spots or going off the beaten path?
  12. Eating local cuisine or sticking to familiar foods?
  13. Travel in summer or travel in winter?
  14. Visiting museums or attending local events?
  15. Day trips or long stays?
  16. Cityscape or landscape?
  17. Planning everything or being spontaneous?
  18. Meeting locals or meeting fellow travelers?
  19. Travel for festivals or travel for natural wonders?
  20. Exploring famous landmarks or hidden gems?

This or that questions for pet lovers

dog parks or pet-friendly beaches
  1. Dogs or cats?
  2. Fish or birds?
  3. Reptiles or rodents?
  4. Petting zoo or aquarium?
  5. Big dogs or small dogs?
  6. Long walks or short walks?
  7. Outdoor pets or indoor pets?
  8. Aquatic animals or land animals?
  9. Dog parks or pet-friendly beaches?
  10. Grooming or training?
  11. Puppies or kittens?
  12. Exotic pets or traditional pets?
  13. Pet costumes or pet toys?
  14. Adoption or purchase from a breeder?
  15. Multiple pets or just one?
  16. Leash or harness?
  17. Fetch or tug-of-war?
  18. Wet food or dry food?
  19. Pet insurance or pay-as-you-go vet visits?
  20. Pet cameras or pet trackers?

This or that questions for music fans

solo artists or bands
  1. Rock or pop?
  2. Classical or jazz?
  3. Live concerts or studio recordings?
  4. Vinyl or digital?
  5. Guitar solos or drum solos?
  6. Lyrics or melody?
  7. Headphones or speakers?
  8. Festivals or intimate venues?
  9. Singing or playing an instrument?
  10. Covers or originals?
  11. Acoustic or electric?
  12. Solo artists or bands?
  13. Music videos or live performances?
  14. Karaoke or lip-syncing?
  15. Oldies or new hits?
  16. Writing music or performing music?
  17. Streaming services or physical albums?
  18. Music documentaries or music biopics?
  19. Creating playlists or listening to albums?
  20. Collaborations or solo projects?

This or that questions for tech enthusiasts

ai assistants or smart home devices
  1. Android or iOS?
  2. Windows or macOS?
  3. Laptops or desktops?
  4. Smartwatch or fitness tracker?
  5. Virtual reality or augmented reality?
  6. Streaming movies or downloading movies?
  7. Wireless or wired?
  8. Social media or traditional media?
  9. Online shopping or in-store shopping?
  10. Coding or gaming?
  11. AI assistants or smart home devices?
  12. 4K or HD?
  13. Touchscreen or keyboard?
  14. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi?
  15. Cloud storage or physical storage?
  16. Video calls or voice calls?
  17. E-books or physical books?
  18. Drones or robots?
  19. Smart TV or streaming device?
  20. Podcasts or audiobooks?

This or that questions for sports fans

Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?
  1. Football or basketball?
  2. Watching sports or playing sports?
  3. Team sports or individual sports?
  4. Outdoor sports or indoor sports?
  5. Live games or televised games?
  6. Soccer or baseball?
  7. Summer Olympics or Winter Olympics?
  8. MVP or championship ring?
  9. Local teams or national teams?
  10. Tailgating or home viewing parties?
  11. Coaching or playing?
  12. Morning workouts or evening workouts?
  13. High school sports or professional sports?
  14. Marathon or sprint?
  15. Yoga or Pilates?
  16. Extreme sports or traditional sports?
  17. Gym membership or home gym?
  18. Fantasy leagues or casual following?
  19. Sports documentaries or live sports?
  20. Playing defense or playing offense?

This or that questions for artists

Landscapes or urban scenes?
  1. Painting or drawing?
  2. Digital art or traditional art?
  3. Sculpting or printmaking?
  4. Abstract or realism?
  5. Charcoal or pastel?
  6. Watercolor or oil paint?
  7. Gallery shows or street art?
  8. Art history or contemporary art?
  9. Creating art or viewing art?
  10. Art classes or self-taught?
  11. Mixed media or single medium?
  12. Large canvas or small sketchbook?
  13. Still life or portrait?
  14. Landscapes or urban scenes?
  15. Art fairs or museum visits?
  16. Selling art or keeping it?
  17. Collaborative projects or solo projects?
  18. Art installations or performance art?
  19. Commissioned work or personal projects?
  20. Art competitions or casual creating?

This or that questions for DIY enthusiasts

Repurposing or recycling?
  1. Woodworking or metalworking?
  2. Sewing or knitting?
  3. Interior design or landscaping?
  4. Upcycling or starting from scratch?
  5. Power tools or hand tools?
  6. Crafting or building?
  7. Home projects or gifts for others?
  8. Painting or refinishing furniture?
  9. Pinterest ideas or original ideas?
  10. Workshops or tutorials?
  11. DIY home decor or DIY fashion?
  12. Quick projects or long-term projects?
  13. Repurposing or recycling?
  14. DIY kits or from scratch?
  15. Using a pattern or freehand?
  16. Inexpensive projects or high-end projects?
  17. Planning or improvising?
  18. Indoor projects or outdoor projects?
  19. Craft fairs or online sales?
  20. Seasonal decorations or year-round projects?


So there you have it, a comprehensive list of "This or That" questions to suit any audience or occasion. Whether you're looking to spark some lively debate, bond with your significant other, or just have a laugh with friends, these questions are sure to do the trick. And if you're looking for a way to make things even more interactive, don't forget to use our Bingo Card Creator—it's perfect for turning these questions into a fun game that everyone will enjoy.

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

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