Printable Wedding Shower Bingo

Games at wedding showers can be a great way for families and friends to get to know the bride and groom as full-fledged adults as opposed to the children they used to know. And if you take a simple game and give it a twist, even better!  This is why familiar games such as bingo are always such a hit. The rules are often well-known requiring little explanation with the focus on having fun.

Wedding Shower Bingo is simple fun with a twist.  Here are two ways to create and play custom Wedding Shower Bingo.


This personalized wedding shower bingo game is a fun way to help everyone get to know the bride and groom. To create, start with our free download Bride and Groom Q&A Wedding Shower Bingo Questions Template. Interview the couple for the answers. Use to easily create a set of custom bingo cards using their answers to the questions. To play, pull a question out of the bag and read it out loud. The bride answers the question for everyone to hear while participants find and cover the answer on their card. As an added challenge for close-knit groups, participants test their knowledge of the couple by marking the answers on their bingo card without the bride answering first.

Another way to play is to simply print All About the Bride and Groom Bingo cards from   Give each guest a bingo card, pencil, and about 15 minutes to write their answers to questions such as Where did the bride and groom meet? directly on their bingo card.  The bride reveals the answers during the game.  Participants get to mark their card if they answered correctly.


Another idea is to gather pictures from the bride and groom’s childhood. Using Bingo Card Creator, start a new card from scratch.  Upload each image in your custom bingo board or select stock images. To play, call out one person, place, or thing at a time.  Guests then cover the matching image on their card.


Need more inspiration? View more wedding themed bingo cards from Bingo Card Creator.  Add other personal touches like printing on different papers, a picture of the bride and groom for the Free Space, or visit our Amazon affiliate store to purchase bingo chips in a variety of colors. The possibilities are endless!