About my vacation bingo

About my vacation bingo

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Get to know your coworkers with All About My Summer Vacation bingo. Find someone who went to the beach or tried a new food. Perfect for ice breakers!


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Items in this card

  • I went overseas
  • I visited my grandparents
  • I rode a horse
  • I read more than ten books
  • I went on vacation
  • I went to summer camp
  • I went camping
  • I went fishing
  • I went to the beach
  • I played sports
  • I went to an amusement park
  • I went to the county fair
  • I went to a museum
  • I volunteered
  • I went swimming
  • I played basketball
  • I went to a wedding
  • I went to the library
  • I did my homework
  • I took summer school
  • I went to the zoo
  • I went out of town.
  • I cooked dinner
  • I made something interesting
  • I went out of state

More about this bingo card

Returning from vacation often means sharing stories and experiences with friends, family, or coworkers. But let's be honest, sometimes the usual "How was your trip?" can feel a bit bland. Enter vacation bingo, a delightful and interactive way to share those holiday memories and maybe brag a little about your adventures!

Creating your bingo card

brown hat
  • Personalized squares: Fill your bingo card with specific vacation experiences like 'saw a famous landmark', 'tried a local delicacy', or 'caught a stunning sunset'.
  • Variety is the spice: Mix in some unique activities you did, like 'attended a local festival' or 'learned a few words in a new language'.

How to play vacation bingo

  1. Sharing stories: Each player takes turns describing an experience related to a square on their card.
  2. Mark and match: When someone mentions an activity that's on your card, mark it off.
  3. Bingo and beyond: First to complete a row shouts 'Bingo!', but keep going to hear all the stories!

Setting the scene for story sharing

three women on mountain

At work: Reconnecting with colleagues

  • Lunch break fun: Organize a 'My Vacation' Bingo during a team lunch to break the ice and catch up with colleagues.
  • Encourage engagement: Offer small incentives like an extra break or a coffee voucher for the Bingo winners.

At home: Family bonding

  • Family night twist: Replace the usual game night with 'My Vacation' Bingo, letting each family member share their holiday highlights.
  • Memory lane: Use photos or souvenirs as prompts for sharing stories, adding a visual element to the game.

With friends: Reliving the fun

  • Get-together game: Host a casual gathering where friends can play 'My Vacation' Bingo, sharing laughs and memories.
  • Photo frenzy: Encourage friends to bring photos or videos related to their bingo squares, adding a show-and-tell aspect.

Benefits of using Bingo Card Creator

  • Customization at its best: Tailor your 'My Vacation' Bingo cards to fit your group's specific vacation experiences.
  • Digital and print options: Whether you're playing in person or virtually, our platform supports both printed and digital cards.
  • Large group friendly: Planning a big post-vacation office party? Our tool can handle up to 2000 players, so no one misses out on the fun.

Ready to bring your vacation stories to life?

'My Vacation' Bingo transforms the post-holiday catch-up into an engaging and interactive experience. It's not just about sharing what you did; it's about reliving those moments and connecting with others through shared experiences. So, grab your bingo cards, get ready to share, listen, and laugh, and let the vacation stories unfold in the most entertaining way possible!

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

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