Apple Wonderlust WWDC23 bingo

    Dive into WWDC23 with our Wanderlust Event Bingo! Capture iconic Apple moments, await surprise unveilings, and tick off phrases as they unfold. Ready for tech-tastic excitement? Get set for a grand reveal!
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    Words/numbers used in this bingo card

    Our bingo card has 55 items related to apple Wonderlust WWDC23. Here is the complete list:

    • One More Thing
    • Sumbul Desai Appearance
    • "Our best iPhone yet"
    • Return of the iPhone mini
    • "And we didn't stop here"
    • HomeKit Showcased
    • iPhone Pro Max renamed Ultra
    • "Crack Marketing Team" joke
    • Jeff Williams on stage
    • Brushed Aluminum Finish revealed
    • Tim Cook's "Thank You, Thank You"
    • CarPlay Enhancements
    • New iPad Announcements
    • Apple Watch Ultra in black debut
    • Introduction of a new  service
    • Project (red) Segment
    • Apple teases tv+ content
    • Game developer takes the stage
    • Unveiling a New Apple Watch band
    • Tim Cook's Nike sneakers spotted
    • John Ternus presentation
    • iPhone 15 with thinner bezel
    • Vision Pro details divulged
    • Apple Retail Store updates
    • Debut of New iPad Keyboard
    • AirPods Max new color range
    • Apple's 2030 Environmental Goal mentioned
    •  Fitness+ Features
    • Johny Srouji's Segment
    • Frequent "Machine Learning" mentions
    • The term "Magical"
    • HomePod Updates
    • Classic "it just works!" moment
    • iOS & iPadOS 17 announcement date
    • A17 iPhone Pro Max's Periscope Camera
    • Reveal of A17 as a 3NM chip
    • iPhone Pro's new Thunderbolt feature
    • Leather Accessories phase-out by Apple
    • Dynamic Island in iPhone 15
    • iPad mini and iPad Air revamps
    • AirPod Max's latest updates
    • Introduction of a new band style
    • 2TB storage tier for iPhone Pro
    • Apple Watch Ultra's Dark Titanium Finish
    • iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro's grand reveal
    • Gold color phased out from iPhone 15 lineup
    • iPhone 15 Pro in Titanium
    • WWDC duration under 90 minutes
    • End of the Lightning era, iPhone embraces USB-C
    • The enduring iPhone Pro Max name
    • Unveiling a Blue iPhone 15 Pro
    • Narration of Satellite Rescue missions
    • AirPods Case now with USB-C
    • Whimsical transition to a secret location
    • iPhone preorders start date and arrival details

    More about this bingo card

    Ah, the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). A time when tech enthusiasts worldwide don their favorite Apple t-shirts, make bold predictions, and eagerly wait for those groundbreaking announcements. If you’re the kind who hangs on to every word uttered during the keynote, it's time to sprinkle some extra fun to your WWDC watch party!

    Bite into the Apple Bingo

    First, The Essentials: Grab your virtual seat, pull up our custom Wanderlust Event Bingo card, and have your marker ready.

    How to Play WWDC Bingo

    Watching with a group in person? Print out your cards and get those markers ready. Virtually tuning in with friends? Share your unique bingo URL with them, so everyone can play in tandem, no matter the distance. As the event unfolds, tick off each buzzword, phrase, or iconic appearance. Remember, in the world of Apple, everyone’s already tech-luminous just by attending. But snagging that first "Bingo!" shout? That's the cherry atop your Apple pie.

    gray and black laptop computer on surface

    🌟 Highlights to Watch Out For:

    1. Iconic Phrases & Moments: Whether it's the classic "One More Thing" or Tim Cook's signature "Thank You, Thank You" - these lines are golden.
    2. Gadgets & Gizmos: From the potential return of the iPhone mini to the debut of a new iPad keyboard, there's bound to be plenty to drool over.
    3. Beyond the Hardware: Look out for software announcements, like the iOS & iPadOS 17 release date or the latest features for  Fitness+.
    4. Special Appearances: Will Jeff Williams grace the stage? Or will we get a sneak peek into Apple's Chip Lab? Only time will tell.
    5. Tantalizing Teasers: Be on the lookout for teases of new tv+ content, and always remember to keep an eye out for Tim Cook's Nike sneakers.

    💡 Top Tip:

    Keep a particular eye on the unexpected! Remember the previous WWDC? The debut of the blue iPhone caught everyone off guard. Who knows what color or feature will be the star this time?

    silver iPhone X floating over open palm

    Why Wanderlust Bingo?

    For those familiar with the conference, we know Apple loves to surprise. And while the event's excitement is enough to keep us glued to the screen, our custom bingo card ensures every moment is even more engaging.


    From rumors surrounding iPhone 15's bezel to the expected Apple Watch Ultra's Dark Titanium Finish, this year promises a rollercoaster of innovations. With Bingo Card Creator's Wanderlust Event card, you're in for an unforgettable experience. So, here's to a grand reveal, multiple "aha!" moments, and one incredible WWDC23!

    The Bingo Card Creator Team
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    The Bingo Card Creator Team

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    Apple Wonderlust WWDC23 bingo card

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