Back to school bingo

Back to school bingo

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Get ready for a new school year with our Back to School bingo card! Perfect for ice breakers and teacher meetings. Edit to fit your needs!


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Items in this card

  • I cooked dinner
  • I did my homework
  • I made something interesting
  • I played basketball
  • I played sports
  • I read more than ten books
  • I rode a horse
  • I took summer school
  • I visited my grandparents
  • I volunteered
  • I went camping
  • I went fishing
  • I went on vacation
  • I went out of state
  • I went out of town.
  • I went overseas
  • I went swimming
  • I went to a museum
  • I went to a wedding
  • I went to an amusement park
  • I went to summer camp
  • I went to the beach
  • I went to the county fair
  • I went to the library
  • I went to the zoo

More about this bingo card

Back to school bingo is a lively and interactive way to welcome students back to the classroom, easing the transition from holiday mode to learning mode. This game incorporates elements of school life, from classroom routines to new subjects and activities, making the first days of school exciting and less daunting. It's a fantastic tool for teachers to foster a sense of community among students and for parents to help children look forward to the new school year. Whether you're a teacher planning for the first week of school or a parent seeking a fun activity for your child, back to school bingo is an excellent choice for kicking off the school year on a positive note.

How to play back to school bingo

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In the classroom: Building camaraderie

  1. Educational bingo cards: Create bingo cards featuring items related to school subjects, classroom activities, and school supplies like 'Read a book', 'Solve a math problem', or 'Bring a notebook'.
  2. Interactive learning: Use the game as a way to introduce new subjects, classroom rules, and daily routines. Each bingo square can represent a learning goal or activity for the day.
  3. Rewards for engagement: Offer school-related rewards for bingo winners, such as extra recess time, a homework pass, or a special role in the classroom like being the teacher's helper for a day.

At home: Preparing for the school year

boy in gray crew neck t-shirt reading book
  1. Back to school preparation: Parents can use back to school bingo to make shopping for school supplies and preparing for the new school year a fun activity. Include items like 'Pick a new backpack', 'Organize your desk', or 'Choose your first day outfit'.
  2. Family involvement: Turn back to school preparations into a family game where everyone helps in completing the bingo tasks.
  3. Celebration of accomplishments: Celebrate completing the bingo card with a special family outing or a favorite meal, making the end of summer and the start of the school year exciting.

For homeschoolers: Adding structure and fun

  1. Customized learning themes: Include specific learning goals, projects, or field trips on the bingo cards to outline the homeschooling plan in a fun and engaging way.
  2. Community connection: Collaborate with other homeschooling families to create a shared back to school bingo event, fostering social interaction and community learning.
  3. Rewarding exploration: Incorporate visits to museums, libraries, or educational centers as part of the bingo activities, rewarding completion with certificates or small educational gifts.

Enhancing your back to school bingo experience

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Making education interactive: Engaging strategies

  1. Subject-specific bingo: Create bingo cards for different subjects to make learning objectives clear and engaging from the start.
  2. Learning through play: Incorporate educational games and activities that align with the bingo squares, turning learning objectives into interactive fun.

Encouraging personal growth: Beyond academics

  1. Social skills bingo: Include squares that encourage students to make new friends, help a classmate, or participate in group activities.
  2. Well-being focus: Add activities related to mindfulness, organization, and healthy habits to support students' overall well-being.


Ready to transform the back-to-school season into an adventure of learning and discovery?

Back to school bingo not only makes the transition back to the classroom fun but also sets a positive tone for the year ahead. It encourages students to engage with their learning environment, fosters a sense of belonging, and helps build excitement for new academic challenges. So, let's get those bingo cards ready, and welcome back to school with open arms and eager minds!

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