Bad movie bingo

Bad movie bingo

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Spice up your movie night with bad movie bingo! Our custom bingo card generator lets you create unique cards filled with clichés and tropes from your favourite so-bad-they’re-good films.


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Items in this card

  • Plot holes you can drive a truck through
  • Cameo by an actor who clearly needs a paycheck
  • Unconvincing green screen effects
  • A villain with a confusing master plan
  • Over-the-top dramatic music during mundane scenes
  • One-liners that make you cringe
  • Gratuitous use of slow motion
  • A romance subplot nobody asked for
  • Characters explaining the plot... to each other
  • A twist that was spoiled in the trailer
  • An animal sidekick with human-level intelligence
  • The classic Wilhelm scream sound effect
  • Use of a famous landmark for no reason
  • Scientific inaccuracies glaring enough to annoy any high school student
  • Product placement more prominent than the plot
  • The inevitable sequel setup
  • A fight scene in the dark to hide poor choreography
  • Dialogue solely made of clichés
  • “Mystery” easily solved in the first 10 minutes
  • Awkward attempts at social commentary
  • Child actor who's clearly 20 years old
  • The "it was all a dream" cop-out
  • Obnoxious comic relief character
  • Fake foreign accents
  • Running out of popcorn because the movie is too long for its own good

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