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Bank bingo

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Discover the fun in finance with our bank bingo cards. Perfect for teaching banking terms or livening up your next team meeting, these custom cards make learning about banking engaging and interactive.


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Items in this card

  • Finding a penny outside the bank and feeling richer
  • Waiting in line so long you consider asking for a loan for a chair
  • That one pen on a chain that's never where it's supposed to be
  • ATM eating your card like it’s a midday snack
  • The joy of finding a forgotten account with $2.73
  • Mysterious fees appearing like magic tricks
  • Teller tells a joke and you laugh because you need that loan approval
  • Completing a deposit slip only to find out it's outdated
  • The coin counting machine jamming after your first nickel
  • Finally getting to the front of the line and forgetting your account number
  • The promotional free toaster that's always out of stock
  • Trying to fit your car through the drive-thru ATM lane
  • Accidentally putting your PIN in the amount field
  • Seeing a dog in the bank and it's the highlight of your visit
  • That moment of panic when you temporarily forget your signature
  • The person in front of you completing a transaction from the 1800s
  • Someone trying to enter the bank a minute after it closes
  • The thrill of getting a new debit card design
  • Bank statements that require a magnifying glass to read
  • The background music that's somehow both soothing and irritating
  • Getting a lollipop after depositing like you're six years old
  • The relief when a check clears and you're not in the red
  • The security guard who looks like they’ve seen it all
  • Hitting every red light when you’re in a rush to get to the bank
  • The air conditioning inside that's set for polar bears

More about this bingo card

Welcome to Bank Bingo, where we turn the everyday experience of banking into a game filled with humor and fun observations. Whether you're in line at the bank, managing your finances online, or just daydreaming about your next paycheck, this game adds a lighthearted twist to the often mundane world of money management.

How to play Bank Bingo

100 US Dollar banknote

In-line entertainment

This version of Bank Bingo is perfect for those moments spent in the serpentine queues of a bank. Here's how to add fun to your next bank visit:

  • Prepare the cards: Create bingo cards that feature familiar banking scenarios. Think of the classics: the perplexed person at the ATM, the desperate search for a working pen, or the inevitable queue jumper.
  • More scenarios to spot: Add some more amusing observations to your cards, such as someone counting their cash multiple times, a confused customer at the information desk, or someone trying to fill out a form while balancing a coffee cup.
  • Observation time: The real game begins as you wait in line. Keep your eyes peeled for these moments, turning a mundane task into a fun scavenger hunt.
  • Engage with fellow customers: Get others in line involved. It's a great way to pass the time and make new friends.
  • Bingo winner: The first person to spot a complete row of scenarios and call out "Bingo!" wins. Maybe even have a small, fun prize like a candy bar or a humorous bank-themed trinket.

Digital banking diversion

For those who prefer their banking digital, here's how you can play Bank Bingo online:

  • Online twist: As you navigate through your online banking tasks, keep your bingo card handy. Mark off items like a captcha that takes multiple attempts, a notification for a transaction you made days ago, or the moment you finally find the section you were looking for.
  • Collaborative play: Turn it into a shared activity with friends or family who are also doing their online banking. Share your progress through screenshots or live updates.
  • Virtual victory: Celebrate the first person to complete a line with a digital shout-out, maybe even a custom emoji trophy.

Financial literacy class

Bank Bingo can also be a valuable educational tool:

  • Educational spin: Incorporate it into a financial literacy curriculum. It's a playful way to introduce banking concepts to students.
  • Interactive learning: As you cover different banking functions in class, students mark off relevant items on their bingo cards, such as "Learned what APR means" or "Set up a budget tracker."
  • Reward for learning: Offer educational incentives for bingo winners, like extra credit points or a chance to lead a class discussion on a financial topic.

Office break activity

Transform your office breaks with Bank Bingo:

  • Workplace fun: Spice up coffee breaks with Bank Bingo. Include scenarios like overhearing a colleague's investment chat, someone's enthusiastic talk about their new credit card rewards, or the classic misplaced office calculator.
  • Team building: It's a fun, engaging way to break the ice and foster camaraderie among colleagues.

Family finance night

Make financial education fun for the whole family:

  • Teach and play: Use Bank Bingo to introduce your kids to the world of banking in an enjoyable way.
  • Family challenges: Include tasks like 'Calculate the family grocery budget' or 'Plan a savings strategy for a family outing' on the bingo cards.

Different ways to spice up Bank Bingo

  • Themed cards: Customize cards for different banking scenarios, like mortgage meetings or investment planning.
  • Bingo challenges: Add fun challenges for players who complete a bingo, like creating a budget or researching a financial term.
  • Seasonal play: Tailor the game to different financial seasons, like tax time or holiday shopping.

Top tip: Make it a learning tool

Encourage discussions about financial literacy with each bingo item. For example, if someone marks off 'setting up a savings account', take a moment to talk about the benefits of saving.

three round gold-colored coins on 100 US dollar banknotes

Benefits of using Bingo Card Creator

  • Customized fun: Tailor your bingo cards to include specific banking scenarios or financial concepts.
  • Adaptable to any setting: Great for educational purposes, office breaks, or just a fun game at home.
  • Interactive and engaging: Turn the often serious topic of finance into an enjoyable and educational experience.

Ready to bank on some fun?

Bank Bingo isn't just a game; it's a whimsical way to observe and learn about the world of finance. Whether it's for educational purposes, a team-building exercise, or just a fun way to pass the time in line at the bank, Bank Bingo is your ticket to a more enjoyable financial experience. So, get your cards ready and prepare to laugh your way through the world of banking!

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

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