Best friends bingo

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Celebrate your closest bonds with our Best Friend Bingo. This interactive game, filled with personal anecdotes and shared memories, is perfect for a fun-filled evening with your bestie.
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Words/numbers used in this bingo card

Our bingo card has 25 items related to best friends. Here is the complete list:

  • Accidentally wearing the same outfit
  • Knowing what the other is thinking with just a glance
  • Sharing an inside joke in a crowded room
  • One always stealing fries from the other’s plate
  • Tagging each other in memes all day long
  • Having a theme song for your friendship
  • The telepathic “let’s leave” look at parties
  • Being brutally honest about outfit choices
  • That one story you’ll never let them live down
  • Binge-watching a TV series in sync when apart
  • Endless screenshots of text conversations for advice
  • Pretending to be each other’s significant other to ward off creeps
  • Always having a plus one for weddings and awkward family events
  • The mutual dislike for the same people
  • Their mom treating you like a second child
  • Having a specific coffee order memorized for each other
  • Being the automatic emergency contact
  • Practicing a two-person special handshake
  • Never following through with the joint exercise plans
  • Their pet liking you better
  • Gatekeeping each other’s worst photos
  • The ability to turn any situation into a photoshoot
  • Constantly reminding each other about past crushes
  • Picking up conversations weeks later like they never ended
  • Having a ‘no judgement’ food binge pact
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Best friends bingo card

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