Birthday game bingo

Birthday game bingo

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Tick off each square as you play games: scavenger hunts, trivia, musical chairs, and more. Complete the list and claim your spot as the ultimate game master!

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Items in this card

  • Perform a charade that someone guesses correctly
  • Complete the final piece of a group puzzle
  • Join a three-legged race and cross the finish line
  • Pop a balloon with an unconventional method
  • Score a point in a cornhole game
  • Successfully pin the tail on the donkey while blindfolded
  • Draw something in Pictionary that your team correctly identifies
  • Participate in a dance-off and win a round
  • Follow directions without being fooled in a round of "Simon Says"
  • Successfully pull a block from a Jenga tower without toppling it
  • Be the last one sitting in a game of musical chairs
  • Toss a ring onto a bottle in a ring toss game
  • Lead a round of "Duck Duck Goose"
  • Answer a challenging trivia question in a quiz game
  • Catch and hold a falling water balloon without it bursting
  • Make the closest guess to the actual number of candies in a jar
  • Win a board game like checkers or chess
  • Be the first to call "Bingo!" in a bingo game
  • Find the final item in a scavenger hunt
  • Tell a joke that makes everyone laugh
  • Finish first in a potato sack race
  • Be the last to be found in a game of hide and seek
  • Hit the bullseye in a darts game
  • Complete an egg-and-spoon race without dropping the egg
  • Perform in a lip sync battle and get the most applause

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