Boomer bingo

    Step back in time with our Boomer bingo template! From flip phones to VCRs, this card captures all the nostalgia. Who's ready to reminisce about the good old days? Let's play!
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    Words/numbers used in this bingo card

    Our bingo card has 32 items related to boomer. Here is the complete list:

    • "Back in my day..."
    • Uses a flip phone
    • Refers to vinyl as "real music"
    • Prints out an email
    • Still has a landline
    • "Kids these days!"
    • VCR flashing 12:00
    • Complains about texting language
    • Praises the 'good old days' of TV
    • Mentions Woodstock
    • Rewinding a cassette tape with a pencil
    • Talks about "walking to school uphill both ways"
    • Brags about concert tickets costing $5
    • Misses handwritten letters
    • Uses "the Google"
    • Keeps a Rolodex
    • Reads a physical newspaper
    • "I don't need GPS, I have a map."
    • Records shows on a VCR
    • Nostalgia for rotary phones
    • Laments the loss of payphones
    • Still uses checks at the grocery store
    • Boasts about seeing classic rock bands live
    • Says, "That's not music!"
    • Reminisces about drive-in movies
    • Distrusts online banking
    • "Why would I pay for bottled water?"
    • Keeps old AOL email address
    • Refers to remote as "the clicker"
    • Tells stories of the milkman
    • Blames something on "millennials"
    • Holds onto old encyclopedias
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    Boomer bingo card

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