Eurovision bingo

Eurovision bingo

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Eurovision Bingo: a glitter-filled extravaganza where unpredictable moments meet musical mastery. From over-the-top outfits to awkward host banter, amp up your Eurovision watch party with a playful bingo twist. Ready to sing along?

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Items in this card

  • Glitter Explosion
  • Over-the-Top Outfit
  • Awkward Host Banter
  • Surprise Key Change
  • Pyrotechnics Mishap
  • Dramatic Wind Machine
  • Bizarre Dance Moves
  • Flag Waving Enthusiast
  • Contestant's Pet on Screen
  • Inexplicable Puppetry
  • Political Voting Mention
  • Awkward Silence from Judges
  • Excessive Spandex
  • Glitzy Backdrop
  • Overly Emotional Ballad
  • Unintentional Comedy
  • Contestant's Reaction Shot
  • Distracting Hair Accessory
  • Random Costume Change
  • Audience Sing-Along
  • Eurovision Catchphrase
  • Windblown Hair Drama
  • Cultural Stereotype
  • Technical Glitch
  • Confetti Storm
  • Dubious Lip Syncing
  • Contestant's Dramatic Stare
  • On-Stage Prop Failure
  • Audience Dancing
  • Outlandish Headwear
  • Glittery Makeup Overload
  • Host's Cheesy Jokes
  • Contestant's Dramatic Pause
  • Audience Booing
  • Language Switch Mid-Song
  • Contestant's Signature Pose
  • Costume Malfunction
  • Quirky Instrument Appearance
  • Choreographed Pyramids
  • Contestant's Emotional Interview
  • Eurovision Dance Party
  • Contestant's Dance Break
  • Wardrobe Malfunction
  • Fireworks
  • Impressive Vocal Range
  • Awkward Hand Gestures
  • Contestant's Backflip Attempt
  • Contestant's Dramatic Fall
  • Unusual Props
  • Out-of-Tune Singer

More about this bingo card

Eurovision Bingo turns the exuberant energy and diverse performances of the Eurovision Song Contest into an engaging game that fans can enjoy while watching the event live. This game captures the essence of Eurovision’s unique blend of music, flamboyant performances, and cultural diversity, making the viewing experience even more thrilling. Whether you're hosting a Eurovision party, enjoying the contest with family, or having a virtual watch party with friends, Eurovision Bingo is the perfect addition to elevate the fun.

People Enjoying the Concert

How to play Eurovision bingo

For Eurovision parties: Amping up the excitement

  1. Create themed bingo cards: Populate bingo cards with common Eurovision elements like 'pyrotechnics', 'key change in a song', 'singer wearing glitter', or 'a wind machine appearance'.
  2. Watch and mark: As you watch the contest, mark off the events on your bingo cards as they occur live on stage.
  3. Eurovision prizes: Offer Eurovision-themed prizes, such as artist merchandise, CDs, or themed party favors for the winners.

In family gatherings: Family-friendly fun

  1. Educational angle: Use Eurovision Bingo to teach children about different countries, languages, and musical styles featured in the contest.
  2. Interactive game rules: Encourage kids to dance or sing along when they mark off an item on their bingo card.
  3. Sweet rewards: Small treats or extra screen time can be offered as rewards for bingo wins to keep younger viewers engaged and excited.

For virtual watch parties: Connecting across borders

  1. Digital bingo cards: Utilize digital bingo cards that can be shared and marked virtually to engage with friends watching from different locations.
  2. Online buzz: Share your bingo wins and near misses on social media to connect with the wider Eurovision community.
  3. Virtual cheers: Celebrate bingo wins with virtual cheers, toasts, or even online karaoke sessions after the contest.
Group of People on Event

Enhancing your Eurovision bingo experience

Boosting the party vibe: Full Eurovision immersion

  1. Dress code: Encourage guests to dress in the colors or costumes representing their favorite participating country.
  2. Eurovision playlist: Before the show starts, play past Eurovision hits to get everyone in the festive spirit.
  3. Decorations: Decorate your space with flags, glitter, and Eurovision memorabilia to create a vibrant party atmosphere.

Engaging all senses: A multisensory approach

  1. Eurovision-themed snacks: Serve dishes from the various countries participating in the contest.
  2. Scorecards: Provide guests with scorecards to rate performances based on different criteria like vocal performance, stage presence, and costume.

Why Choose Bingo Card Creator?

  • Sing Your Way: Match the Eurovision vibe with customizable bingo cards. Maybe a card dedicated just to outfits? Or one for just the awkward moments? We got it!
  • Get the Whole Gang: Whether your Eurovision party has 5 or 50 guests (virtually, of course), we support up to 5,000 players. So, nobody's left out.
  • Unlimited Glitz: Create, customize, and print cards endlessly. Because, at Eurovision, more is more!


Ready to amp up your Eurovision viewing experience?

Eurovision Bingo is not just a game; it's a celebration of the quirks, highlights, and cultural showcase that the Eurovision Song Contest offers each year. It's a fantastic way to add an extra layer of fun and competition to your viewing party. So, print out your bingo cards, tune in to Eurovision, and get ready for a night of music, laughter, and bingo!

The Bingo Card Creator Team

The Bingo Card Creator Team

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