Call of Duty: Zombies bingo

Call of Duty: Zombies bingo

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Unleash the fun with our Zombies Bingo! Perfect for Halloween parties or horror movie nights, this custom bingo card generator brings a thrilling twist to your traditional bingo game.


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Items in this card

  • Pack-a-Punch upgrade
  • Mystery Box spin
  • Perk-a-Cola collection
  • Ray Gun find
  • Round 20 survival
  • Power switch activation
  • Zombie boss defeat
  • Easter egg completion
  • Barrier rebuild
  • Hellhound wave
  • Max Ammo pickup
  • Nuke power-up
  • Carpenter power-up
  • Double Points power-up
  • Insta-Kill power-up
  • Monkey Bomb throw
  • GobbleGum use
  • Crawler zombie creation
  • Wonder Weapon acquisition
  • Samantha's lullaby
  • Teleporter use
  • Train zombies in a circle
  • Achieve high score
  • Unlock secret song
  • Survive without perks challenge

How to use this card

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