College bingo card

    Experience the ups and downs of college life with our College bingo template. From all-nighters to lost socks, this bingo card captures the essence of the college experience. Get ready for a fun-filled game!
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    College bingo card

    Words/numbers used in this bingo card

    Our bingo card has 30 items related to college. Here is the complete list:

    • All-nighter pulled
    • "Microwave ramen again?"
    • Textbook costs more than rent
    • Lost at least one sock in communal laundry
    • "Can I borrow your notes?"
    • Slept through an 8 AM class
    • Professor's PowerPoint won't work
    • Roommate's alarm that never stops
    • "Is this going to be on the exam?"
    • Unexpected fire drill at 2 AM
    • Missed the bus or shuttle to class
    • Mystery liquid in the hallway
    • Attends club meeting just for free pizza
    • Tries to study, ends up watching Netflix
    • Last-minute essay panic
    • Borrowed a charger but never gave it back
    • Mismatched socks due to laundry rush
    • Found something alive in the dorm fridge
    • "Earn extra credit by..."
    • Got lost on the first day of classes
    • Overpacked for moving day
    • Wears college hoodie three days in a row
    • Used "student discount" as an excuse
    • Participated in a protest or rally
    • Stapler always missing in the library
    • Group project where one person does nothing
    • "Dressed up" means wearing a clean T-shirt
    • Uses dining hall trays for sledding
    • Stays in pajamas all day for online classes
    • Unplanned nap in the library
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