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Criminal Minds bingo

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Dive into the thrilling world of Criminal Minds with our custom bingo card generator. Perfect for watch parties, engage in suspenseful episodes with our interactive Criminal Minds bingo game.


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Items in this card

  • Reid's hair changes
  • Garcia calls someone 'baby'
  • Morgan and Garcia flirt
  • A local cop doubts the BAU
  • JJ gives the profile to local law enforcement
  • Hotch adjusts his tie
  • Rossi mentions his past
  • Unsub is referred to as 'he' before being identified
  • The team boards the private jet
  • A scene takes place in a diner
  • Spencer Reid quotes something
  • A family member is involved in the case
  • The phrase 'wheels up' is used
  • A team member confronts their past
  • A chase scene ensues
  • The phrase 'unsub' is used
  • Someone accesses a computer to gather info
  • The case takes a surprising turn
  • The team goes through old case files
  • Reid displays his genius with an obscure fact
  • The profile is delivered in the roundtable room
  • The BAU saves the day in the nick of time
  • A character has a heart-to-heart conversation
  • Flashlights are used in a dark scene
  • The episode ends on a personal note for one of the characters

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