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Dispatch bingo

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Elevate your dispatch team’s morale with our custom dispatch bingo cards. Designed to encourage teamwork, these cards add a fun twist to daily tasks, making work more engaging and enjoyable.


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Items in this card

  • High-priority call
  • Dispatch code
  • Unit backup request
  • Misdirected address
  • Officer initiated stop
  • Unresponsive caller
  • Vehicle pursuit
  • Traffic congestion report
  • Shift changeover
  • Break signal
  • K9 unit request
  • Noise complaint
  • Domestic disturbance
  • Multiple calls incident
  • Hazardous materials alert
  • Trespassing report
  • Silent alarm trigger
  • Firearm reported
  • Weather advisory
  • Inter-agency cooperation
  • Lost property report
  • Medical emergency
  • Power outage
  • Public service duty
  • Missing person

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