Dungeons & Dragons bingo

Dungeons & Dragons bingo

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Unleash your inner dungeon master with our dnd bingo card template. Ideal for game nights, it adds a fun, interactive twist to your Dungeons and Dragons sessions.


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Items in this card

  • Character rolls a natural 20
  • Party encounters a dragon
  • A spell goes awry
  • Finding a secret door
  • Defeating a boss monster
  • Character rolls a natural 1
  • An NPC betrays the party
  • Discovering a magical item
  • A riddle is solved
  • Character gets resurrected
  • Encounter with undead
  • Successful stealth mission
  • Party sets up a successful ambush
  • Character fails a saving throw
  • Finding a hidden treasure
  • A character gets cursed
  • An ally turns out to be an enemy
  • Escaping from a trap
  • Character achieves a personal goal
  • A deity intervenes
  • Party encounters a new civilization
  • Character overcomes a fear
  • Successful diplomatic encounter
  • Unexpected plot twist revealed
  • A legendary artifact is found

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