English Language Bingo Cards

These bingo activities are handy to review grammar, poetical devices, and other features of English. Bingo is a good activity for ESL students, young learners of English, and older students, because it requires little proficiency to play, scales to any number of students, and fits conveniently into almost any schedule.

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English Language Activities

Here you can find the printable bingo cards for 22 activities we currently have available for lessons on English Language. You may use them in your class, print them out, pass them around to fellow teachers, and link to this site. We add another activity every day, so if you don't see quite what you want, try coming back tomorrow. Interested in one of the following?
  • Make your own English Language bingo cards with the free trial of Bingo Card Creator which we used to create everything you see here.
  • so you can come back tomorrow for new cards.
  • Browse our other categories of printable bingo games.
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