Faculty Meeting bingo

    Get ready for your next faculty meeting with this hilarious bingo card template. From technical difficulties to tangents and empty promises, this template has it all. Will you get a bingo?
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    Words/numbers used in this bingo card

    Our bingo card has 30 items related to faculty Meeting. Here is the complete list:

    • "Is this thing on?" (referring to a mic or projector)
    • Late arrival with a coffee in hand
    • Someone asks to repeat what's already been said
    • Mention of "synergy"
    • "Can everyone see my screen?"
    • Lost Wi-Fi connection
    • Someone's phone goes off
    • Unintended mute or unmute on a virtual call
    • Technical difficulty with the presentation
    • Mention of "thinking outside the box"
    • Passive-aggressive comment about workload
    • Unplanned roleplay or icebreaker activity
    • Empty promise of a "quick meeting"
    • "Don't forget to sign the attendance sheet."
    • Tangent that's only related to one department
    • Awkward silence when volunteers are requested
    • Someone's background noise on a virtual call
    • Pensively nodding heads
    • "We'll circle back to that."
    • Request to "take this offline"
    • Too many people trying to talk at once
    • Mention of "work-life balance"
    • Someone brings up an unrelated personal story
    • "We value everyone's input."
    • Food or snacks being the highlight
    • "Can we wrap this up?"
    • Unexpectedly deep discussion about coffee or tea
    • Prolonged debate about the next meeting's date
    • Yawning chain reaction
    • "This could've been an email."
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    Faculty Meeting bingo card

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