Faculty Meeting bingo

Faculty Meeting bingo

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Get ready for your next faculty meeting with this hilarious bingo card template. From technical difficulties to tangents and empty promises, this template has it all. Will you get a bingo?

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Items in this card

  • "Is this thing on?" (referring to a mic or projector)
  • Late arrival with a coffee in hand
  • Someone asks to repeat what's already been said
  • Mention of "synergy"
  • "Can everyone see my screen?"
  • Lost Wi-Fi connection
  • Someone's phone goes off
  • Unintended mute or unmute on a virtual call
  • Technical difficulty with the presentation
  • Mention of "thinking outside the box"
  • Passive-aggressive comment about workload
  • Unplanned roleplay or icebreaker activity
  • Empty promise of a "quick meeting"
  • "Don't forget to sign the attendance sheet."
  • Tangent that's only related to one department
  • Awkward silence when volunteers are requested
  • Someone's background noise on a virtual call
  • Pensively nodding heads
  • "We'll circle back to that."
  • Request to "take this offline"
  • Too many people trying to talk at once
  • Mention of "work-life balance"
  • Someone brings up an unrelated personal story
  • "We value everyone's input."
  • Food or snacks being the highlight
  • "Can we wrap this up?"
  • Unexpectedly deep discussion about coffee or tea
  • Prolonged debate about the next meeting's date
  • Yawning chain reaction
  • "This could've been an email."

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