Hairstyles of the last 100 years bingo

Hairstyles of the last 100 years bingo

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Explore iconic hairdos from the 1920s to present day with our Hairstyles of the Last 100 Years bingo card template. Customize your card and revisit unforgettable hair trends.


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Items in this card

  • BobFinger Wave 1920s
  • Pompadour 1950s
  • The Pixie 1950s
  • Ducktail 1950s
  • Beehive 1950s 1960s
  • The Shag 1960s
  • Bouffant 1960s
  • Afro 1960s 1970s
  • Corn Rows 1960s 1970s
  • Dreadlocks 1970s
  • Feathered Flip 1970s
  • Jheri Curl 1970s
  • Devilock 1970s 1980s
  • Mullet 1970s 1990s
  • Liberty Spikes 1980s
  • Mohawk 1980s
  • Rattail 1980s
  • Perm 1980s
  • Bowlcut 1980s 1990s
  • Hitop Fade 1980s 1990s
  • The Rachel 1990s
  • Fauxhawk 2000s
  • Emo 2000s
  • Buzz cut 2000s
  • Combover

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