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Non-binary bingo

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Celebrate the diversity of non-binary identities, marking off symbols of gender fluidity, inclusive pronouns, and milestones in the recognition and acceptance of non-binary people.

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Items in this card

  • Heard "they/them" used correctly
  • Found gender-neutral clothing
  • Corrected someone's assumptions
  • Wore a pronoun badge
  • Received inclusive forms/documents
  • Someone asked for my pronouns
  • Attended an LGBTQ+ event
  • Found a gender-neutral restroom
  • Expressed gender creatively
  • Educated someone on non-binary
  • Saw non-binary representation in media
  • Felt seen and respected
  • Connected with another non-binary person
  • Had a gender euphoria moment
  • Challenged gender norms
  • Received support from family/friends
  • Explored gender identity
  • Found an ally in an unexpected place
  • Used inclusive language
  • Discovered a non-binary role model
  • Felt confident in my identity
  • Had a meaningful conversation about gender
  • Overcame a gender-related challenge
  • Received gender-affirming healthcare
  • Celebrated my non-binary identity

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