Hallmark tropes bingo

Hallmark tropes bingo

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Tick squares for every Hallmark signature moment you encounter, from snow-covered small towns to the magical holiday kiss. A celebration of feel-good storytelling.

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Items in this card

  • Small town charm with a tight-knit community
  • Big city protagonist returning to their hometown
  • A misunderstanding that leads to conflict but ultimately gets resolved
  • A holiday setting
  • A love triangle involving the main character
  • A local festival or competition that brings the community together
  • A family-owned business struggling to stay afloat
  • A main character inheriting something unexpected
  • A workaholic learning the importance of slowing down and enjoying life
  • A widowed parent finding love again
  • The main characters disliking each other at first but eventually falling in love
  • An adorable pet that plays a role in bringing people together
  • A character pretending to be someone they're not
  • A significant other from the big city who is clearly wrong for the protagonist
  • A wise and kindly older character who offers sage advice
  • A main character faced with a choice between a career opportunity and love
  • An unexpected snowstorm that leads to stranded characters spending time together
  • A baking or cooking contest with high stakes
  • A makeover scene that leads to the main character's newfound confidence
  • A deadline that adds tension to the romantic plot (e.g. a wedding or holiday etc.)
  • A scene involving decorating for a holiday or event that fosters bonding
  • A chance encounter that seems like fate
  • A character learning the true meaning of the holiday season
  • A secret that threatens to derail the budding romance but ultimately brings the couple closer
  • A grand romantic gesture that resolves the conflict and brings the couple together

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