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Words/numbers used in this bingo card

Our bingo card has 25 items related to how similar are you to me. Here is the complete list:

  • Believes pineapple belongs on pizza
  • Can’t function before coffee
  • Thinks cilantro tastes like soap
  • Secretly enjoys reality TV shows
  • Sings in the shower like a rockstar
  • Still not over that one book ending
  • Uses sarcasm as a second language
  • Owns more plants than friends
  • Has a playlist for every mood
  • Talks to pets as if they’ll respond
  • Binge-watches a series in one sitting
  • Enjoys long walks to the fridge
  • Will travel for food festivals
  • Could write a thesis on procrastination
  • Has a habit of making puns
  • Loses socks in the Bermuda Triangle of laundry
  • Dreams of being a contestant on a game show
  • Never misses a taco Tuesday
  • Keeps a diary but forgets to write in it
  • Thinks they’re a wine connoisseur after one tasting
  • Carries hot sauce in their bag
  • Relates to memes on a spiritual level
  • Practices concert performances in the car
  • Votes for animals as the best part of any movie
  • Plans to be a millionaire by saving loose change
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How similar are you to me bingo card

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