Japanese prime ministers bingo

Japanese prime ministers bingo

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Learn about the leaders who shaped Japan’s history. From the first prime minister, Itō Hirobumi, to the current one, Yoshihide Suga, discover Japan’s political past with our prime minister bingo cards.


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Items in this card

  • Katayama Tetsu
  • Ashida Hitoshi
  • Yoshida Shigeru
  • Hatoyama Ichiro
  • Ishibashi Tanzan
  • Kishi Nobusuke
  • Ikeda Hayato
  • Sato Eisaku
  • Tanaka Kakuei
  • Miki Takeo
  • Fukuda Takeo
  • Ohira Masayoshi
  • Suzuki Zenko
  • Nakasone Yasuhiro
  • Uno Sosuke
  • Kaifu Toshiki
  • Miyazawa Kiichi
  • Hosokawa Morihiro
  • Hashimoto Ryutaro
  • Obuchi Keizo
  • Mori Yoshiro
  • Koizumi Junichiro
  • Abe Shinzo
  • Fukuda Yasuo
  • Aso Taro
  • Hatoyama Yukio
  • Kan Naoto

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