Kings and Queens bingo

Kings and Queens bingo

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Immerse yourself in royal history with our Kings and Queens Bingo. This interactive game is perfect for learning about monarchs, their reigns, and significant events in a fun, engaging way.


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Items in this card

  • King Arthur
  • Queen Elizabeth I
  • King Louis XIV
  • Queen Victoria
  • King Tutankhamun
  • Queen Cleopatra
  • King Solomon
  • Queen Sheba
  • King Richard III
  • Queen Anne
  • King George III
  • Queen Isabella
  • King Ferdinand
  • Queen Mary I
  • King Henry VIII
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • King David
  • Queen Nefertiti
  • King William I
  • Queen Matilda
  • King Charlemagne
  • Queen Eleanor
  • King Robert the Bruce
  • Queen Boudica
  • King Edward I

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