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Items in this card

  • Accidentally taking a selfie when unlocking the phone
  • Butt dialing your boss on a Saturday night
  • Dropping phone in the toilet and then contemplating life choices
  • Phone dying right when the GPS says, "Turn left in 500 meters"
  • Auto-correct turning a casual chat into an awkward conversation
  • Your mom discovering how to use voice messages
  • Ignoring calls just to continue scrolling through memes
  • Getting an unsolicited app recommendation from a 5-year-old
  • Frantically searching for your phone while you're talking on it
  • Waiting for the battery to drop to 1% before charging
  • Missing the charger port at least three times
  • Having more photos of your pet than of family members
  • Deleting apps for space, then re-downloading them the next day
  • "Storage almost full" popping up every 5 minutes
  • Suffering from "Phantom Vibration Syndrome"
  • That one app you downloaded once and forgot, but never deleted
  • The existential crisis when Wi-Fi and mobile data are both slow
  • Having 254 unread emails but knowing none of them are important
  • Wondering why the game you never play needs a 500MB update
  • Accidentally liking a photo while stalking someone’s profile from two years ago
  • Explaining how a QR code works to your grandparents
  • Discovering the 'Dark Mode' and feeling like a hacker
  • Pretending to be on a call to avoid social interaction
  • Taking a screenshot but locking the screen instead
  • Realizing you've become a master of one-handed phone gymnastics

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