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Unleash your inner detective with our Nancy Drew Bingo! Perfect for book clubs or themed parties, this interactive game brings the thrilling mysteries of Nancy Drew to life.


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Items in this card

  • Accidentally locked in a secret room... again
  • Decodes ancient scripts like it's Sunday crosswords
  • Tries to use magnifying glass app on smartphone
  • Takes fingerprinting kit to dates
  • “It’s not breaking and entering, it’s investigating”
  • Always keeps a spare lockpick in their sock
  • Demands everyone call her “Detective Drew”
  • The only one excited about mysterious noises in the attic
  • Spills tea... then examines the spill pattern for clues
  • Thinks life is just a series of escape rooms
  • Owns a trench coat for every day of the week
  • Considers Sherlock Holmes a casual detective
  • Keeps trying to pay for things with "detective’s intuition"
  • Introduces themselves as "Nancy Drew, and this is my theme music"
  • Uses a flashlight even in broad daylight
  • Expert at finding lost car keys, can't find their own
  • Has a secret stash of “Mystery Cookies”
  • Thinks fingerprint smudges on phone are secret messages
  • Won't step into a room without dramatic background music
  • Claims their best thinking happens inside a dumbwaiter
  • Once tried to interrogate a houseplant
  • Reads ransom notes like poetry
  • “I could solve this case, but first, let me solve this puzzle”
  • Brings a notebook to a gunfight
  • Never passes up a chance to dramatically unveil a culprit

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