Never have I ever bingo

Never have I ever bingo

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  • Accidentally sent a text to the wrong person
  • Tried to impress someone and failed miserably
  • Locked keys in the car
  • Forgotten someone's name immediately after they told me
  • Pretended to laugh at a joke I didn't get
  • Walked into a room and forgot why I went in there
  • Tried to pull a push door
  • Faked being sick to get out of something
  • Said "you too" when the waiter said "enjoy your meal"
  • Attempted a trendy dance and realized I have zero rhythm
  • Mistaken a stranger for someone I know
  • Lost a game of rock-paper-scissors
  • Tripped over nothing
  • Accidentally called a teacher "Mom" or "Dad"
  • Used the flashlight on my phone to look for my phone
  • Eaten something thinking it was something else
  • Spilled something on myself at the worst possible moment
  • Forgotten my own age when asked
  • Fallen asleep in a public place
  • Made eye contact while eating a banana
  • Put my shirt on inside out and didn't notice
  • Burnt something in the microwave
  • Googled how to spell a really simple word
  • Accidentally 'liked' someone's old social media post while stalking them
  • Said "I'm on my way" when I was still at home

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