Never have I ever bingo

Never have I ever bingo

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Spice up your gatherings with a card that turns the classic party game into a bingo bonanza. Get ready for revelations and laughter.

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Items in this card

  • Traveled to a foreign country alone
  • Skydived or bungee jumped
  • Eaten something exotic I couldn’t pronounce
  • Pulled an all-nighter for fun
  • Been on TV or the radio
  • Learned to play a musical instrument
  • Gone vegan or vegetarian for at least a month
  • Written a poem or story and shared it with others
  • Taken a spontaneous road trip
  • Tried surfing, snowboarding, or skateboarding
  • Volunteered for a cause I'm passionate about
  • Gone without technology for a week
  • Been to a major sports event
  • Done karaoke in front of a crowd
  • Learned a new language to a conversational level
  • Participated in a protest
  • Had a paranormal experience
  • Cooked a complicated meal from scratch
  • Done yoga or meditation regularly
  • Been to a famous world landmark
  • Swam in an ocean
  • Kept a journal or diary for more than a year
  • Made a piece of clothing or accessory I wore
  • Been to a drive-in movie theater
  • Met someone famous

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